Friday, March 20, 2009

ahCong's Story

Good day!

This entry belongs to ahCong (since he doesn't had a blog, but teringin nak berblog and don't want to create an account for he will never be consistent). A story of his first journey to Europe. Enjoy!

Day 1
Depart to Amsterdam from Riyadh. Such a long way journey with transit flight at Zurich. Arrvied at Amsterdam and straightaway went to my colleague's apartment around 10 am. The company provided him with such a nice apartment, bias..Then me and my colleague went for sight seeing around 12 noon, nothing much to see. So I went back to the apartment and wait for my other colleague came back from work. Around 5 pm we went together gether for sight seing, but kedai sume dah tutup :( fyi shops in Amsterdam tutup sharp at 5 pm. We went for jalan-jalan some more, and hujan pulak that night. It's so sejuk and foggy. So we went straight home after makan-makan and the foods were superb! Banyak je Indonesian restaurant here..

Day 2
I woke up at 6 a.m and left the house at 6.30 am to catch a flight to France. Me, all alone catch a train at 7 a.m and after changing few trains, I managed to arrive at the airport at 7.30 am. I met my colleague at our meeting point and fly to France at 9.50 am. We touched down around 11 am. Due to my malang face, the guard tahan me and did FULL inspection. My colleague tak pulak kena! Then our driver took us straight away to the AAf factory. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes drive to get there and I was sleeping all the way. At kilang, we just took a tour, look around, and had some discussions. Later we were so tired and went back straight to our hotel.

Day 3 & 4
Second day at France - nothing much but discuss and only discuss. Third day went the same as well, only discussions. The pekan was so kecik and called Gasny. Cozy and totally english, peace of mind..Lots of kedai to shop, but very the mahal. Oh and I saw the new Honda Civic! 2 doors, with aeroback macam Gen-2.

Day 5

I went back to Amsterdam, and touched down at 2 pm. The sales manager from AAF Europe fetch me and drove straight to office. They provided me with my own personal office. Cool! There, I was requested to make a presentation and I went bla..bla..bla.. I was so tired, mata bengkak and busuk. Later I went back to my colleague's beautiful apartment at 3.30 pm. I pun tidooo..ZZZzzzz..

Bangun, and wait for my colleague to came back from office. At 5 pm, we went for makan. We tried to look for Morrocon restaurant, but then change to Turkish pulak. Finally we end up at Indian je. Semua taubat for the food tak sedap at all! The Tandoori chicken was tasteless! And it costs 30 Euro for only 1 set! Everything is expensive here. Later we walked out from the restaurant and our coat smelled of rempah-rempah mamak. We went for jalan-jalan, then balik rumah for ZZzzzz..

Day 6
I woke up early in the morning. Semangat ni nak jalan-jalan since the shops closed at 5 pm. So need to jalan-jalan early la. First stop: Chanel, then LV. Jalan-jalan lagi but no sign of Hard Rock. *Sorry, Bernard..* We went and look for baju, perfume, lots and cheap price of perfume, watches -takdela nak beli TAG Heuer nye..nanti takleh kawen..Jalan-jalan some more, jalan at the park yang sangat cantik, with swans in the lake. Building design kat sini pun very cantik and unique. Then went back and took some rests, mandi-mandi, and malam went out for dinner pulak. We went for KFC, but no whipped potato la here in Amsterdam. Then we went and had a drink at pub, met 2 nice guys from Ukraine, and took some pics..Later balik and tidoo..

Day 7
The most tak syok day. I woke up early to catch a flight at 9.30 am. Bangun at 5.30 am, siap-siap and suddenly my friend told me that there is no train available at this time since it was Sunday, only available at I went back to sleep la. 6.45 bangun again, then took the train to airport. I arrived at the airport at 8.00 am, checked in and made tax redemption. Then take off, transit flight at Zurich for 2 hours. Afters, sampaila Riyadh and did the same stupid and lame routine again...sedey...

Note 1: ahCong sayang saye dah balik! Saye sukeee!!!!


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ wah2... ur ahchong pun sibuk nak berblogging jugak ker? told him, blogger yg duk over the sea la menjadi fav blog tau. sebab people suka tengok gambar2 diorg kat sana and even the foods.

dah ada talent tuhh. kehkehkeh... ~

zLa said...

tula..dah soh dia buat sendiri tp dia xnak kononnye x consistent la apela..

DalilaMian said...

ehh...template baru ke??heheh..cantik...

zLa said...

a'ah la yang..tangan i ni itchy2 je tapi duit x pulak masuk..gatal tukar2 template jer