Sunday, March 8, 2009

Civic Minded

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

After watching of what had been going on in Malaysia today, all can I say is
 "aiyyooo dey...u guys sooo tak bermoral 
and tak macam educated at all"
D'oh..I'm talking about PPSMI, of course. They claimed themselves as 'Mahasiswa' yang membantah PPSMI, but on contrary they acted as such uncivilised and make me, Mahasiswa felt demoralised.

They are educated, civilised, and golongan bijak pandai. They should have settled the issue on table, with proper negotiation. Ini buat perangai macam mat rempit jer, creating riots and chaos here and there. Of all frustrations, the idea came from and was lead by our very own Sasterawan Negara.

I felt really really dissapointed with this matter. Tak macam bijak pandai pun if I see the way they negotiate. They should have object this as early as 4 years ago, right when the government proposed this PPSMI matter. Now is a little too late, and only being troublesome to all.

Note 1: It's half to 12 a.m, and I'm going to bed now. What an accomplishment!
Note 2: To my dearest dear, kindly have fun and enjoy the civilised world. I am surely hope you have had the time to look around the city of Paris & Amsterdam and shop! Especially Paris la..Mumumumu...

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