Monday, March 2, 2009

Posttraumatic Disorder Stress

Assalmmualaikum w.b.t
I got my driving license when I was 17, right after SPM (sekali test je, Alhamdulillah). That was when Abah bought me a gold colour Kelisa with registration number WJV54 (I found it sexy). Abah said I need to practice my driving skills in manual mode before I drive in automatic. So Abah bought me the car in manual. It was not a big deal for me, not until my first damage.
It happened a few weeks upon driving the new car, when I was trying to park my car at Ampang Point. I was driving with my 3 other friends, trying to do L-parking (with head comes first) when I hit the wall next to me. I can still remember clearly the horrible sound of dented and scratched. Somehow, I misestimated the distance between the wall and my car upon parking. As the result, my left front door dented horribly. It was like facing the Death Angel when I confront to my Abah about the incident.
Later I went to Matriculation program. The program's regulatory forbid me from bringing my car to college. Since both my parents already had their own car and nobody wanted to look after mine, that was the time to let go off my Kelisa. This does not end the story. As I went to university, Abah gave me his car on my second semester. Poor his darling daughter did not have any transport to go for classes and went back home every weekend. Yes, I am a pampered child. What can I say, I'm the first child. That was when I drove my metalic blue Putra (WHL5454).
First time driving an automatic mode sport car, I overpressed the gas paddle and went across aroad divider. My bumper was badly damaged, and so as my shaft and arm guard. Again, to confront with Abah is like facing the Angel of Death. The good thing is that I got a new shiny sport rim, and Abah did the makeover in marvellous!
Putra was pretty, but not a good car to maintain. Ever since Abah bought it, lots of problem arised. Then we let go the car, and trade in with turqoise color Gen2 (WLW5454) during my second year in uni. No problems nor accidents occured, until one night at the car park of my very own college. I was having a study group in my room when one of my mates told me that my car had been hit. I was shocked, rushed to her room (since hers facing the car park) and look down to see my car. I saw glasses smashed on the ground and that was when I felt my blood rises up and heat my cheek. I rushed down to find out what happened. It turns out my car was hit by a Kancil, and the smashed glasses that I saw came from the Kancil. It was a miracle that my car was like untouched and the Kancil was damaged horribly on the bonnet, and the window glasses broke.
Gen2, sabotaged by those 3 stooges (the leader was the tallest guy standing at the back most)

That was not the only incident. With respect to a friend, I choose not to explain the whole story on how my Gen2 hit a tree and damaged its strong bonnet.
Despite its firm and strong protective body structure, Gen2 consumes fuel like running water. Furthermore the car was like under-powered. So we let go the car, and trade in with blue colour Honda City (WNM5454) during my third year in uni. I received the car key in hand right on my birthday, as stated in my road tax. I admit the car was ugly. However it save a lot on fuel consumption. Plus Mak wants me to get a car, economically for my future sake. A car that I can drove my kids to school and etc. This car meant a lot to me. It witnessed my days as well as my night life. It was like my second home. My first ever long distance drive with this car was to Morib. Furthest was to Cameron Highlands.
Not to mention, my first accident while driving this car (talking about major road accidents, discluding minor scratches and mild dents). I was on my way to attend a wedding with my fiance (boyfriend, at that time). As we drove along the MRR2 near Cheras Baru, somehow the road condition crawled bumper to bumper. I was on the right most lane when suddenly, out of nowhere a Proton Wira from the middle lane skided and its head crossed the right lane. What more can I do, it suddenly appeared in front of me. The car's head came to our left whilst a road divider was on our right. Without any other option, we crashed the car instead of the road divider. This so we can claim the damage from insurance kan..
That was not the last. Somewhere in 2008 I crashed my car by hitting pieces of road divider. It was dark and I couldn't see those pieces on the road. I had to replace my shaft, and so on and on which finally cost me approximately RM 3k. Let's not go more into details of my silly mistake ya.
On the very same year, I met with another accident. It was during Ramadhan, approximately a month before my engagement. I was driving from Kuala Selangor with my Mak on our way back to see my sister, Anje from her boarding school. Mak wanted to stop by at a nursery to buy some plants (this is a compulsary routine when we went to Kuala selangor with Mak). Later, I had to make a U-turn to head back to Ampang. This by which means I had to cross from the roadside, crossing over the two-way lane and make a perfect U-turn to the opposite direction. I was at the roadside, eyeing left and right before crossing the road. Mak eyed on my left, whilst me on the right. I can see a motorcycle coming on the same lane of mine, about 200m away. I was so confident that I can make the turn in time. So I hit the paddle and cross the road. That was when I heard a horrifying smashed sound. I was panicked and stayed still, did nothing. After a while I heard Mak yelled "Kakak! Ada orang!!!" but it was too late. I turned around and saw there was a man smashed into my car. With cars coming from the opposite direction, I had no choice but to move my car to the roadside. And my car condition was like a result of mass destruction of the universe!

That was the case number three. Luckily the rider smashed the back door instead of the driver's. Most of all, luckily it was only a motorcycle, not a car or lorry. What happened to the rider and the pillion (Indian)? They refused neither to be medicated nor to be taken to hospital. People stop by to help them. Others, witnesses, and those who had helped advise me to ignore them and make an immediate police report. Ignore, how cruel ya..Perhaps they don't want the rider and pillion to over claim from me and my Mak. A few good men took us to the nearest police station and help us with the report.
Abah and Mak don't have good feelings for me to drive this car anymore. It had been in accident for three times and get worsen each time. So we let go the car. Today I drove a car which I bought with my very own money, no more fund from PAMA. I guess I had improved my driving skills by now though some people disagreed. They said I had became much too much carefule and aware, and that my speed is too slow. My fiance used to say "Tolong kembalikan zLa yang dulu!!!"....
I guess I suffered from PDS, and I am still suffering..
Note 1: I'm still a vampire. Going to my casket..pen off now!


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ uish..... mengerikan jugak bila tengok ur car condition tuh. nasib lah u n ur mum tak apa2.

my dad pun suggest me utk tukar keta lain. but for me, dengan keta duit sendiri nih agak sukar lah nak tukar to another car. sayang dia tuh lain mcm skit. ~

zLa said...

mintakla dia sponsor cik amy..:)