Friday, March 13, 2009

My Preggy Besty

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

My besty is now 8 months pregnant. About to meletup dah. I was talking to her this evening when she told me how nervous she is. Cold feeted la tu...Sayang, I never been into the situation, not yet. But of what people close to me had told me, you feel the pain no more once you hold your precious in your arm. And when you see your precious blooms, you won't even need any injections for the gynae to finish up his/her doings.

A special request from my besty: "I nak pegang tangan you masa deliver nanti, just like when I hold your hand masa my wedding"...

Yolah...kena cari arm guard dah ni. God knows how hard she would squeeze my hand kan..huhu.. Don't blame me if I can't cook well nanti ya. We all know the story rite, of how my hand got to be senget-senget?

Honey, I'm honoured to be your maid of honour on your wedding, and I'm honoured to be needed during the delivery of your 1st baby. And of all matters, I'm glad that we'll celebrating our 10 years of besties at Cinta Sari...;p

Can't believe that we watched each other's every seconds of rises and falls, our hingus2, best moments, and big days. You are more like a sister to me. Hope to see ourselves when we came to tua kerepot, surrounded with cucus and cicits..I love you with all my heart. Hey, your hubby pun doesn't knows you that long as I do, rite Bonda?
~I just love calling her Bonda..

Note 1: Saya suke! Nak dapat baby!! Bonda's baby..

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Anonymous said...

hmm.. really touched my heart.. adakah ko tahu yg pregnant lady boleh jd terlalu sensitif.. contoh, seperti menangis sambil ketawa.. itulah yg terjadi pd aku skg sbb teringat zaman kecil kau dan aku, wlupun skg da pkul 1.30am.. babe.. i love you.. honestly.. aku pun xsabar nak panggil ko mummy@mama@ibu@ummi@mak.. heeeeee