Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Imaginary Life

More videos!

Short story yang menyedihkan :(
Moral of the story: Kita memang cepat lupa..
It's in human nature

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shiny Newbies

Assalammualaikum w.b.t


When was the last time I SPENT something for MYSELF? Oh dear, I can't hardly remember. After months of holding up my desire, I finally indulged myself with my new shiny toy! Yeeehaaa!!!

I didn't plan for this. Really. Honestly. Betul ni..I need a camera for my kursus tomorrow. Also a kursus the week after. And Abah took the new camera that he bought to Bukit Gantang. So I had 'no choice' but to buy a new Cybershot W120 in blue (a good reasonable excuse what...)

It seems pretty and cool when I firstly bought it at the shop. It seems ugly to me now..I am gatal. Itchy here ithchy there..

Even though it's the newest digi cam in the house, but it still could'n beat Abah's Olympus FE3010..also ahCong's W150. But it doesn't matter.

Thanks to Earth Hour, I got sesat on my way back from Low Yat. Buildings in K.L (set as my landmark) were so gelap that I couldn't recognize any of it to find the right route. Sorang pulak tu, kena culik kang camne? Nevertheless, family did support the campaign as when I reached home, my house was so gelap gulita, kelam cam black out pulak.

Keep saving the world, people! Let's make the world a better place for us all.

Marry Me


So cute~*
Ade ke kids yg puppy love camni ek?
I never had one..
eh yeke??

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brain Damage


It was the day for me to crack my brain. After taking a 2-days course at PCAM, got the cert and now sit for exam pulak. Than baru qualify for the license.

Why am I taking the license? Entahla. I guess bila jobless ni segala macam kursus I'm eager to take into. Plus biarlah ada pewaris dalam family, just in case kan.

Question: Why am I tak keje2 lagi? It's been 3 months now...
Sebab compensation still ade lagi kot. That makes me too choosy and withdraw every interview calls. Yupe, memang mengada & action sungguh. Kekadang tu insaf, but kejap je. Then become choosy again. I am gatal. Itchy here and there.

Anyway, the point of me writing up this entry is that nak lepas geram je. I sat for the exam this morning. I never been well prepared like this upon sitting for any exams. Oftenly, ade je chapters yang tak sempat cover since I practice the concept of 'study last minute baru masuk'. Last night, after covering most of the chapters and only 2 chapters left, rase nak muntah darah dah and decided to tido kejap. After putting my mind to rest for 2 hours, I woke up and continue my struggle. Wa, seronok sekali bila dah cover sume ngan jayanye. So I decided to labuhkan tirai kamar & layarkan the bahtera la..Tapi taleh tido pulak..Tup tup dah 6.30 am and I had to get up and get my self prepare sebab nak kuar rumah at 7 am. Need to keluar that early for the exam was at Wisma Belia, kat Jalan Syed Putra sebelah MCOBA tu. Ala yang jam nak rak tu..

Altogether, I only slept for 2 hours..Kepalaku sakit sangat. The exam consists of 3 parts. The first 2 parts went well, alhamdulillah. Only the third part where my kepala bagai nak pecah nye sakit, and I was like nak muntah darah so I jawab asal boleh je. Bangga woo keluar dewan sikit punye awal (padahal bukan champion sangat pun). Afters while waiting for Abah to fetch me, baru tersedar that I left my claim receipt on the desk kat exam hall. Waaa..terasa sesia je keluar dewan awal. Hukhukhuk...then balik rumah terus mengadu domba ngan ahCong, qada tido then at 7.30 pm baru bangun. Ni baru champion..

Question lagi: Why on earth I couldn't sleep in the first place? I guess my mind was busy running on plans. Dah masuk active zone, that's why taleh rest kot. Kot la...

Since I woke up at late evening, plans to go to MidValley (looking for Abah's birthday present) and Nurul Shukor terpaksa postpone to tomorrow je.

Oh remember the post of Monday Blues where I mentioned that Mak won a RM 1k voucher from Jusco? Guess what did she spent it to? An induction cooker.
Nak buat ape ntah. Letak kat rooftop pulak tu. Mak said she's gonna cook at our rooftop once a week. The whole housing area can smell what my Mom is cooking then. Tetibe teringat tag The Rock pulak. It came into my thougts, when will I cook my own meal? Of all the courses taken during my jobless period ni, why can't cooking course with Mak fit into my schedule? I guess my tangan is so keras la. They said anak dara ni belajar tinggi2 pun in the end dok kat dapur jugak. Yo..lah...

I'm fat. I gained my weight and excessive fat as well. They came in package la, nak buat camne. Why I never work out? Well, even though gym dah siap, but it's on the 3rd floor. I semput la nak naik tangga..huhuhu..Nanti la when it's close to my wedding date kang I'll work out la.

I'm hating the new KP UMNO Malaysia...

Note 1: I'm liking the song of 'The man who can't be moved'.
Note 2: Lady bird tu memang slow...:(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Not Easy

I had plans, you know..
I wanted to watch a movie..
tapi tak syok without you
I wanted to dine in at Bubba Gump..
tapi tak sedap without you
I wanted to go for shopping..
tapi can't afford without you
I wanted to go for joyride..
tapi nanti sesat without you
I wanted to study ni..
tapi can't get my mind off you
Kesimpulannye saye rindu kamu...
bile kamu nak balik?
oh, saye tau..
lama lagi

Crying 1

Who says LDR is easy??

Note 1: Belum nyanyi 'Happy Birthday' song to my besty lagi :|

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daddy's Girls


It was the last day for all 3 Abah's sweethearts to tag in team together for Thirah had to go back to her boarding school.

At first we thought of going for hot air baloon at Putrajaya, but then malas la pulak since the weather was so hot. Later we received a news that my preggy cousin admitted pulak due to chest infection. Kesian, 1st child lagi..But cantikla, cuzzie's gonna get a baby boy, whereas my besty's gonna get a baby girl. Match for a pair on my wedding nanti. Flower boy & girl.

Pendekkan cerita, cancel je our intention for the hot air baloon and melawat cuzzie at Gleneagles je. We stop by and bought a flower bouquet in a basket, and Thirah a.k.a Anje dah sibuk showing her potential as a talented bridesmaid. Yo..lah..Kecek la kakak mung ni, dapat je role as bridesmaid tu. Now ramai jugak yang tengah membodek for any role in my wedding. So far maid of honor (matron of honor sebenarnye) and best man dah occupied. Bridesmaid and groomsmen also no more vacant. Itupun ramai yang applied, still on selection. Who says wedding is easy?

My little sister is all grown up. Now dah pandai main my makeups. Even though ada perfume sendiri, always pau mine. And contacts too! But we never quarrel about it. See, saya kakak yang baik tau. Dahulu kala, when I was little I used to quarrel a lot with my brother (at that time my 2 youngest siblings ni belum wujud lagi). Masing-masing ada black belt, so bila quarrel tu memang berlaku keganasan rumah tangga la. Plus they say orang Arab ni selalu gaduh, so it's in our blood (salahkan genetic). But then Mak always says "Kakak kan sulung, kena mengalah" Yolah..

Lama-lama bila dh tua ni sejuk skit. We became inseparable. Kat mana-mana pun asyik berpeluk jer. Abah selalu cakap, your bestfriend is your sibblings. I guess it make sense jugak, since we came from the same womb kan. We should know each other very well. As for me, Mak always says that the eldest is the glue that sticks and bounds the family together.
Who has the most look of my Mom?

Note 1: Anje is now back to her school. Saya sedey :(

Friday, March 20, 2009

ahCong's Story

Good day!

This entry belongs to ahCong (since he doesn't had a blog, but teringin nak berblog and don't want to create an account for he will never be consistent). A story of his first journey to Europe. Enjoy!

Day 1
Depart to Amsterdam from Riyadh. Such a long way journey with transit flight at Zurich. Arrvied at Amsterdam and straightaway went to my colleague's apartment around 10 am. The company provided him with such a nice apartment, bias..Then me and my colleague went for sight seeing around 12 noon, nothing much to see. So I went back to the apartment and wait for my other colleague came back from work. Around 5 pm we went together gether for sight seing, but kedai sume dah tutup :( fyi shops in Amsterdam tutup sharp at 5 pm. We went for jalan-jalan some more, and hujan pulak that night. It's so sejuk and foggy. So we went straight home after makan-makan and the foods were superb! Banyak je Indonesian restaurant here..

Day 2
I woke up at 6 a.m and left the house at 6.30 am to catch a flight to France. Me, all alone catch a train at 7 a.m and after changing few trains, I managed to arrive at the airport at 7.30 am. I met my colleague at our meeting point and fly to France at 9.50 am. We touched down around 11 am. Due to my malang face, the guard tahan me and did FULL inspection. My colleague tak pulak kena! Then our driver took us straight away to the AAf factory. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes drive to get there and I was sleeping all the way. At kilang, we just took a tour, look around, and had some discussions. Later we were so tired and went back straight to our hotel.

Day 3 & 4
Second day at France - nothing much but discuss and only discuss. Third day went the same as well, only discussions. The pekan was so kecik and called Gasny. Cozy and totally english, peace of mind..Lots of kedai to shop, but very the mahal. Oh and I saw the new Honda Civic! 2 doors, with aeroback macam Gen-2.

Day 5

I went back to Amsterdam, and touched down at 2 pm. The sales manager from AAF Europe fetch me and drove straight to office. They provided me with my own personal office. Cool! There, I was requested to make a presentation and I went bla..bla..bla.. I was so tired, mata bengkak and busuk. Later I went back to my colleague's beautiful apartment at 3.30 pm. I pun tidooo..ZZZzzzz..

Bangun, and wait for my colleague to came back from office. At 5 pm, we went for makan. We tried to look for Morrocon restaurant, but then change to Turkish pulak. Finally we end up at Indian je. Semua taubat for the food tak sedap at all! The Tandoori chicken was tasteless! And it costs 30 Euro for only 1 set! Everything is expensive here. Later we walked out from the restaurant and our coat smelled of rempah-rempah mamak. We went for jalan-jalan, then balik rumah for ZZzzzz..

Day 6
I woke up early in the morning. Semangat ni nak jalan-jalan since the shops closed at 5 pm. So need to jalan-jalan early la. First stop: Chanel, then LV. Jalan-jalan lagi but no sign of Hard Rock. *Sorry, Bernard..* We went and look for baju, perfume, lots and cheap price of perfume, watches -takdela nak beli TAG Heuer nye..nanti takleh kawen..Jalan-jalan some more, jalan at the park yang sangat cantik, with swans in the lake. Building design kat sini pun very cantik and unique. Then went back and took some rests, mandi-mandi, and malam went out for dinner pulak. We went for KFC, but no whipped potato la here in Amsterdam. Then we went and had a drink at pub, met 2 nice guys from Ukraine, and took some pics..Later balik and tidoo..

Day 7
The most tak syok day. I woke up early to catch a flight at 9.30 am. Bangun at 5.30 am, siap-siap and suddenly my friend told me that there is no train available at this time since it was Sunday, only available at 7.15..Adoiii..so I went back to sleep la. 6.45 bangun again, then took the train to airport. I arrived at the airport at 8.00 am, checked in and made tax redemption. Then take off, transit flight at Zurich for 2 hours. Afters, sampaila Riyadh and did the same stupid and lame routine again...sedey...

Note 1: ahCong sayang saye dah balik! Saye sukeee!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Share For I Care

Iblis Terpaksa Bertamu Kepada Rasulullah SAW
Dari Muadz bin Jabal dari Ibn Abbas:
Ketika kami sedang bersama Rasulullah SAW di kediaman seorang sahabat Anshar, tiba-tiba terdengar panggilan seseorang dari luar rumah: "Wahai penghuni rumah, bolehkah aku masuk? sebab kalian akan memerlukanku".
Rasulullah bersabda: "Tahukah kalian siapa yang memanggil?"
Kami menjawab: "Allah dan rasulNya yang lebih tahu".
Beliau melanjutkan, "itu iblis, laknat Allah bersamanya".
Umar bin Khattab berkata: "izinkan aku membunuhnya wahai Rasulullah"
Nabi menahannya: "Sabar wahai Umar, bukankah kamu tahu bahawa Allah memberinya kesempatan hingga hari kiamat? Lebih baik bukakan pintu untuknya, sebab dia telah diperintahkan untuk ini, fahamilah apa yang hendak ia katakan dan dengarkan dengan baik."
Ibnu Abbas RA berkata: pintu lalu dibuka, ternyata dia seperti seorang kakek yang cacat satu matanya. Di janggutnya terdapat 7 helai rambut seperti rambut kuda, taringnya terlihat seperti taring babi, bibirnya seperti bibir sapi..
Iblis berkata: "Salam untukmu Muhammad, salam untukmu para hadirin..."
Rasulullah SAW lalu menjawab: "Salam hanya milik Allah SWT, sebagai mahluk terlaknat, apa keperluanmu?"
Iblis menjawab: "Wahai Muhammad, aku datang ke sini bukan atas kemahuanku, namun kerana terpaksa."
"Siapa yang memaksamu?"
"Seorang malaikat utusan Allah mendatangiku dan berkata:
"Allah SWT memerintahkanmu untuk mendatangi Muhammad sambil menundukkan diri. Beritahu Muhammad tentang caramu dalam menggoda manusia. Jawabalah dengan jujur semua pertanyaannya. Demi kebesaran Allah, andai kau berdusta satu kali saja, maka Allah akan jadikan dirimu debu yang ditiup angin."
"Oleh kerana itu aku sekarang mendatangimu. Tanyalah apa yang hendak kau tanyakan. Jika aku berdusta, aku akan dicaci oleh setiap musuhku. Tidak ada sesuatu pun yang paling besar menimpaku daripada cacian musuh."

Orang Yang Dibenci Iblis
Rasulullah SAW lalu bertanya kepada Iblis: "Kalau kau benar jujur, siapakah manusia yang paling kau benci?"
Iblis segera menjawab: "Kamu, kamu dan orang sepertimu adalah mahkluk Allah yang paling aku benci".
"Siapa selanjutnya?"
"Pemuda yang bertakwa yang memberikan dirinya mengabdi kepada Allah SWT".
"Lalu siapa lagi?"
"Orang Alim dan wara' (Loyal)"
" Lalu siapa lagi?"
"Orang yang selalu bersuci".
"Siapa lagi?"
"Seorang fakir yang sabar dan tak pernah mengeluhkan kesulitannnya kepada orang lain".
"Apa tanda kesabarannya? "
"Wahai Muhammad, jika ia tidak mengeluhkan kesulitannya kepada orang lain selama 3 hari, Allah akan memberi pahala orang-orang yang sabar".
"Selanjutnya apa?"
"Orang kaya yang bersyukur".
"Apa tanda kesyukurannya?"
"Ia mengambil kekayaannya dari tempatnya, dan mengeluarkannya juga dari tempatnya".
"Orang seperti apa Abu Bakar menurutmu?"
"Ia tidak pernah menurutiku di masa jahiliyah, apalagi dalam Islam".
"Umar bin Khattab?"
"Demi Allah setiap berjumpa dengannya aku pasti kabur".
"Usman bin Affan?"
"Aku malu kepada orang yang malaikat pun malu kepadanya".
"Ali bin Abi Thalib?"
" Aku berharap darinya agar kepalaku selamat, dan berharap ia melepaskanku dan aku melepaskannya. Tetapi ia tak akan mau melakukan itu". (Ali bin Abi Thalib selau berdzikir terhadap Allah SWT)

Amalan Yang Dapat Menyakiti Iblis
"Apa yang kau rasakan jika melihat seseorang dari umatku yang hendak solat?"
"Aku merasa panas dingin dan gemetar".
"Sebab, setiap seorang hamba bersujud 1x kepada Allah, Allah mengangkatnya 1 darjat".
"Jika seorang umatku berpuasa?"
"Tubuhku terasa terikat hingga ia berbuka".
"Jika ia berhaji?"
"Aku seperti orang gila".
"Jika ia membaca al-Quran?"
"Aku merasa meleleh laksana timah diatas api".
"Jika ia bersedekah?"
"Itu sama saja orang tersebut membelah tubuhku dengan gergaji".
"Mengapa bisa begitu? "
"Sebab dalam sedekah ada 4 keuntungan baginya. Iaitu keberkahan dalam hartanya, hidupnya disukai, sedekah itu kelak akan menjadi hijab antara dirinya dengan api neraka dan segala macam musibah akan terhalau dari dirinya".
"Apa yang dapat mematahkan pinggangmu?"
"Suara kuda perang di jalan Allah".
"Apa yang dapat melelehkan tubuhmu?"
"Taubat orang yang bertaubat".
"Apa yang dapat membakar hatimu?"
"Istighfar di waktu siang dan malam".
"Apa yang dapat mencoreng wajahmu?"
"Sedekah yang diam-diam".
"Apa yang dapat menusuk matamu?"
"Solat fajar".
"Apa yang dapat memukul kepalamu? "
"Solat berjamaah".
"Apa yang paling mengganggumu?"
"Majlis para ulama".
"Bagaimana cara makanmu?"
"Dengan tangan kiri dan jariku".
"Dimanakah kau menaungi anak-anakmu di musim panas?"
"Di bawah kuku manusia".

Manusia Yang Menjadi Teman Iblis
Nabi lalu bertanya : "Siapa temanmu wahai Iblis?"
"Pemakan riba".
"Siapa sahabatmu?"
"Siapa teman tidurmu?"
"Siapa tamumu? "
"Siapa utusanmu?"
"Tukang sihir".
"Apa yang membuatmu gembira?"
"Bersumpah dengan cerai".
"Siapa kekasihmu?"
"Orang yang meninggalkan solat Jumaat"
"Siapa manusia yang paling membahagiakanmu?"
"Orang yang meninggalkan solatnya dengan sengaja".

Iblis Tidak Berdaya Di hadapan Orang Yang Ikhlas
Rasulullah SAW lalu bersabda : "Segala puji bagi Allah yang telah membahagiakan umatku dan menyengsarakanmu".
Iblis segera menimpali: "tidak, tidak...tak akan ada kebahagiaan selama aku hidup hingga hari akhir..Bagaimana kau bisa berbahagia dengan umatmu, sementara aku bisa masuk ke dalam aliran darah mereka dan mereka tak bisa melihatku.Demi yang menciptakan diriku dan memberikan ku kesempatan hingga hari akhir, aku akan menyesatkan mereka semua. Baik yang bodoh, atau yang pintar, yang bisa membaca dan tidak bisa membaca, yang durjana dan yang soleh, kecuali hamba Allah yang ikhlas".
"Siapa orang yang ikhlas menurutmu?"
"Tidakkah kau tahu wahai Muhammad, bahawa barang siapa yang menyukai emas dan perak, ia bukan orang yang ikhlas. Jika kau lihat seseorang yang tidak menyukai dinar dan dirham, tidak suka pujian dan sanjugan, aku bisa pastikan bahwa ia orang yang ikhlas, maka aku meninggalkannya. Selama seorang hamba masih menyukai harta dan sanjungan dan hatinya selalu terikat dengan kesenangan dunia, ia sangat patuh padaku."

Iblis Dibantu oleh 70,000 anak-anaknya
Tahukah kamu Muhammad, bahwa aku mempunyai 70,000 anak.. Dan setiap anak memiliki 70,000 syaithan. Sebahagian ada yang aku tugaskan untuk mengganggu ulama. Sebahagian untuk menggangu anak-anak muda, sebahagian untuk menganggu orang-orang tua, sebahagian untuk menggangu wanita-wanita tua, sebahagian anak-anakku juga aku tugaskan kepada para Zahid.
Aku punya anak yang suka mengencingi telinga manusia sehingga ia tidur pada solat berjamaah. Tanpanya, manusia tidak akan mengantuk pada waktu solat berjamaah.
Aku punya anak yang suka menaburkan sesuatu di mata orang yang sedang mendengarkan ceramah ulama hingga mereka tertidur dan pahalanya terhapus.
Aku punya anak yang senang berada di lidah manusia, jika seseorang melakukan kebajikan lalu ia hebahkan kepada manusia, maka 99% pahalanya akan terhapus.
Pada setiap seorang wanita yang berjalan, anakku dan syaitan duduk di pinggul dan pahanya, lalu menghiasinya agar setiap orang memandanginya.
Syaitan juga berkata,"keluarkan tanganmu", lalu ia mengeluarkan tangannya lalu syaitan pun menghiasi kukunya.
Mereka, anak-anakku selalu meyusup dan berubah ari satu kondisi ke kondisi lainnya, dari satu pintu ke pintu yang lainnya untuk menggoda manusia hingga mereka terhempas dari keikhlasan mereka. Akhirnya mereka menyembah Allah tanpa ikhlas, namun mereka tidak merasa.
Tahukah kamu, Muhammad? bahawa ada rahib yang telah beribadat kepada Allah selama 70 tahun. Setiap orang sakit yang didoakan olehnya, sembuh seketika. Aku terus menggodanya hingga ia berzina, membunuh dan kufur.

Cara Iblis Menggoda
Tahukah kau Muhammad, dusta berasal dari diriku?
Akulah mahluk pertama yang berdusta. Pendusta adalah sahabatku. barangsiapa bersumpah dengan berdusta, ia kekasihku.
Tahukah kau Muhammad?
Aku bersumpah kepada Adam dan Hawa dengan nama Allah bahawa aku benar-benar menasihatinya. Sumpah dusta adalah kegemaranku.
Ghibah (gosip) dan Namimah (adu domba) kesenanganku. Kesaksian palsu kegembiraanku. Orang yang bersumpah untuk menceraikan istrinya ia berada di pinggir dosa walau hanya sekali dan walaupun ia benar. Sebab barang siapa membiasakan dengan kata-kata cerai, isterinya menjadi haram baginya. Kemudian ia akan beranak cucu hingga hari kiamat. Jadi semua anak-anak zina dan ia masuk neraka hanya karena satu kalimat, CERAI.
Wahai Muhammad, umatmu ada yang suka mengulur ulur solat. Setiap ia hendak berdiri untuk solat, aku bisikan padanya waktu masih lama, kamu masih sibuk, lalu ia manundanya hingga ia melaksanakan solat di luar waktu, maka solat itu dipukulkannya kemukanya. Jika ia berhasil mengalahkanku, aku biarkan ia solat. Namun aku bisikkan ke telinganya 'lihat kiri dan kananmu',
iapun menoleh. Pada saat itu aku usap dengan tanganku dan kucium keningnya serta aku katakan 'solatmu tidak sah.
Bukankah kamu tahu Muhammad, orang yang banyak menoleh dalam solatnya akan dipukul.
Jika ia solat sendirian, aku suruh dia untuk bergegas. Ia pun solat seperti ayam yang mematuk beras. Jika ia berhasil mengalahkanku dan ia solat berjamaah, aku ikat lehernya dengan tali, hingga ia mengangkat kepalanya sebelum imam, atau meletakkannya sebelum imam. Kamu tahu bahwa melakukan itu batal solatnya dan wajahnya akan dirubah menjadi wajah keledai. Jika ia berhasil mengalahkanku, aku tiup hidungnya hingga ia menguap dalam solat. Jika ia tidak menutup mulutnya ketika mnguap, syaitan akan masuk ke dalam dirinya, dan membuatnya menjadi bertambah serakah dan gila dunia.
Dan iapun semakin taat padaku.
Kebahagiaan apa untukmu, sedangkan aku memerintahkan orang miskin agar meninggalkan solat. Aku katakan padaknya, 'kamu tidak wajib solat, solat hanya wajib untuk orang yang berkecukupan dan sehat. Orang sakit dan miskin tidak, jika kehidupanmu telah berubah baru kau solat.' Ia pun mati dalam kekafiran. Jika ia mati sambil meninggalkan solat maka Allah akan menemuinya dalam kemurkaan.
Wahai Muhammad, jika aku berdusta Allah akan menjadikanku debu.
Wahai Muhammad, apakah kau akan bergembira dengan umatmu padahal aku mengeluarkan seperenam mereka dari Islam?"

10 Permintaan Iblis kepada Allah SWT
"Berapa yang kau pinta dari Tuhanmu?"
"10 macam"
"Apa saja?"
"Aku minta agar Allah membiarkanku berbagi dalam harta dan anak manusia, Allah mengizinkan. Allah berfirman, "berbagilah dengan manusia dalam harta dan anak. dan janjikanlah mereka, tidaklah janji setan kecuali tipuan." (QS Al-Isra :64)
Harta yang tidak dizakatkan, aku makan darinya. Aku juga makan dari makanan haram dan yang bercampur dengan riba, aku juga makan dari makanan yang tidak dibacakan nama Allah.
Aku minta agar Allah membiarkanku ikut bersama dengan orang yang berhubungan dengan istrinya tanpa berlindung dengan Allah, maka setan ikut bersamanya dan anak yang dilahirkan akan sangat patuh kepada syaithan.
Aku minta agar bisa ikut bersama dengan orang yang menaiki kendaraan bukan untuk tujuan yang halal.
Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan kamar mandi sebagai rumahku.
Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan pasar sebagai masjidku.
Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan syair sebagai Quranku.
Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan pemabuk sebagai teman tidurku.
Aku minta agar Allah memberikanku saudara , maka Ia jadikan orang yang membelanjakan hartanya untuk maksiat sebagai saudaraku.
Allah berfirman, "Orang - orang boros adalah saudara - saudara syaitan. " (QS Al-Isra : 27)
Wahai Muhammad, aku minta agar Allah membuatku bisa melihat manusia sementara mereka tidak bisa melihatku.
Dan aku minta agar Allah memberiku kemampuan untuk mengalir dalam aliran darah manusia.
Allah menjawab, "silakan", aku bangga dengan hal itu hingga hari kiamat. Sebagian besar manusia bersamaku di hari kiamat.
Iblis berkata : "Wahai Muhammad, aku tak bisa menyesatkan orang sedikitpun, aku hanya bisa membisikan dan menggoda."
Jika aku bisa menyesatkan, tak akan tersisa seorangpun.
Sebagaimana dirimu, kamu tidak bisa memberi hidayah sedikitpun, engkau hanya rasul yang menyampaikan amanah.
Jika kau bisa memberi hidayah, tak akan ada seorang kafir pun di muka bumi ini. Kau hanya bisa menjadi penyebab untuk orang yang telah ditentukan sengsara. Orang yang bahagia adalah orang yang telah ditulis bahagia sejak di perut ibunya. dan orang yang sengsara adalah orang yang telah ditulis sengsara semenjak dalam kandungan ibunya.
Rasulullah SAW lalu membaca ayat : "mereka akan terus berselisih kecuali orang yang dirahmati oleh Allah SWT " (QS Hud :118 - 119)
Juga membaca, " Sesungguhnya ketentuan Allah pasti berlaku" (QS Al-Ahzab : 38)
Iblis lalu berkata: " wahai Rasul Allah takdir telah ditentukan dan pena takdir telah kering. Maha Suci Allah yang menjadikanmu pemimpin para nabi dan rasul, pemimpin penduduk surga, dan yang telah menjadikan aku pemimpin mahluk-mahluk celaka dan pemimpin penduduk neraka. aku si celaka yang terusir, ini akhir yang ingin aku sampaikan kepadamu. Dan aku tak berbohong."


Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Blues

It's Monday...

I refused to accompany my mom to Jusco W.Maju for one reason: Study!
But just look of what I'm doing right now. After flipping few pages in the morning, I got stuck on the lappy till now. What a waste. It's called Monday Blues~*

I lost my mood to a torn lip. Yeah, my torned lip torn again. Sakit..hukhukhuk..:( Tak bole makan burger lagi, and I live my life with penuh kesopanan. Tutup mulut bila gelak. Ketawa kecik je, no more terbahak-bahak. And when it comes to meal, bukak mulut small the little kecik je. Kesopanan dan kesusilaan. Perhaps mulutku tersangatlah laser all this while. Now is the time to muhasabah diri and repent of my bad mouth. Dah sakit baru ingat nak muhasabah..

Nope, that's not the real story. My mood wasn't lost over a torned lip. The truth is, my mood was distracted by blogger. Yeah, that is the truth. It sounds more relavant rite? I've been changing my template over and over again and in the end, it comes to the same. Gatal tangan. Gatal segala. Gatal sampai I don't really know which part that I had altered in the HTML that had caused troublesome to others who tend to leave a comment on my post.*Sorry Bernard, now dah ok dah..*

And said the fortune cookie:
"Shouldn't you be doing something useful?"

I'm bored. That's the truth. Need to attend a seminar tomorrow with none preparation in hand. In the end I cursed myself for not going to Jusco with my mom. Sape yang seronok? My mom, bro and sis je yang dapat shopping. Siap dapat promotion gift of voucher RM1k lagi. Yes, I did say 1k. One of the 3 lucky persons in Malaysia. And as for me? I'm just a lame and stupid girl enjoying her Monday blues all alone. Sadiss lagi menyayat hati..

Note 1: Jiwa bergelora..
Note 2: Saya suke! Kamu dah balik. Boleh berkomunikasi lagi :)

My Personal Concept of Wasatiah

ahCong: I kat airport Zurich ni, banyak tul perfume murah2. Sold in a complete set sekali dengan lotion la body wash la apela..at a very cheap price. You nak yang mana satu?

me: Untuk hantaran ke? lambat lagila yang..

ahCong: Takla..Untuk saje2 je. Cepatla..

Mmmm..apa ek? Apa yang ada? (mata terbuntang2, senyum dah sampai telinga..)

ahCong: I nampak ada Armani, Bvlgari, Chanel, Clinique, banyakla. You suka yang camne?

me: Errr...Sweet yet fresh..

ahCong: Bvlgari ni ok tak?

me: You tanya la promoter tu something yang sweet and fresh. I tak nak Gucci, Dior, or Lancome..Tell her something like Britney Spears Curious or DKNY Bedelicious...

ahCong: Orait

3 minutes later I sent him a SMS saying:

"Baby, no need to buy la.
Perfume I pun banyak lagi..
Tak payah membazir ek. Mumumu.."

See...Saya berwasatiah tau. Jarang betul menolak offer camni. Or is something definitely wrong with me?

Cepatla kamu balik ke Riyadh..It's been really long since our last virtual communication. It seems long to me..:(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Current Mode

Saya suke!!
I finally got what I had been longing for.
Though it was never spoken and never heard,
I guess it's all L.O.V.E that it takes anyhow :)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you, thank you, & thank you.

Note 1: Congrats to the newly wed, June & Ayo. Sedih for I couldn't made myself available :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Preggy Besty

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

My besty is now 8 months pregnant. About to meletup dah. I was talking to her this evening when she told me how nervous she is. Cold feeted la tu...Sayang, I never been into the situation, not yet. But of what people close to me had told me, you feel the pain no more once you hold your precious in your arm. And when you see your precious blooms, you won't even need any injections for the gynae to finish up his/her doings.

A special request from my besty: "I nak pegang tangan you masa deliver nanti, just like when I hold your hand masa my wedding"...

Yolah...kena cari arm guard dah ni. God knows how hard she would squeeze my hand kan..huhu.. Don't blame me if I can't cook well nanti ya. We all know the story rite, of how my hand got to be senget-senget?

Honey, I'm honoured to be your maid of honour on your wedding, and I'm honoured to be needed during the delivery of your 1st baby. And of all matters, I'm glad that we'll celebrating our 10 years of besties at Cinta Sari...;p

Can't believe that we watched each other's every seconds of rises and falls, our hingus2, best moments, and big days. You are more like a sister to me. Hope to see ourselves when we came to tua kerepot, surrounded with cucus and cicits..I love you with all my heart. Hey, your hubby pun doesn't knows you that long as I do, rite Bonda?
~I just love calling her Bonda..

Note 1: Saya suke! Nak dapat baby!! Bonda's baby..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Makeover 1: The Outcome

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

A day of reunion..

Today I went and collect my dress which I sent my kain from hantaran for Makeover at Ecah's boutique. Ala..the one that I mentioned in my past entry tu.

I fetched Akmal at IBS UPM, then we went to Tenun Kapas. FYI Akmal, Ecah and myself used to be housemates during our matriculation. Those were the good old days...

All 3 berdarah manis~*

And so goes some sort of reunion la..we sat and talked for hours. Sedar2 je dah 4 jam. Dengan tak solat lagila, so we had no choice but to make our move. Otherwise mau sampai Maghrib la tu. We update ourselves with loads of info on ourselves and of course others as well.. muahahaha..gossip girls in the house!

And so, these pictures below show the outcome of Makeover no. 1. Watch the pictures closely...


and after......

This makeover costs me RM350 especially on the beads...Huuuu... Hopefully it's worth the pay la. Rase cam tak sempat jek pakai for Raya...;p

Haii...outcome of the meet over, I guess we officially registered ourselves as gossip girls already taken. Masing-masing bukak cerita yang nak bertunang la, counting days nak kawen la..Time goes by and wait for no one. Entahla bila next meet up camni. Probably at that time masing-masing bawak kids la, yang preggy la..huhuhu..

And I still couldn't recall the logo of Kolej Aman. Sigh...


Assalammaulaikum w.b.t

Selamat pagi dunia!

Pagi lagi I dah bangun. Hebatkan? I mean, hebat for me la since I'm having difficulties to bangun pagi. This morning a memory flash into my mind. A memory of the chronology on how I got myself engaged to my fiance. I hardly could recall on how I got into this matter. Even so, I decided to write this entry so that in case I forgot again, ada la written record nye. Jangan marah baby, I know u pun mesti tak ingat jugak..lalalala...

The pop-up question
I remember I always told my fiance (bf at that time) before he departed to Riyadh, "when you come back, bring me my wedding ring" as sung by the song Leaving on the Jetplane. It's not that nak sembelih dia, but he always use the reason "I pergi ni sebab nak cari duit nak kawen ngan U" for leaving me here all alone.

And so when he came back for the very first time, tup tup he pop up the question right after I fetch him at KLIA. However dia bukanla proposed kat KLIA. Nak romantic jugak encik bf ni. Supposed nye at Bora Ombak the day after. But then excited kot, so we went to The Curve on the very same day. There, I was proposed during our dinner at a restaurant nama apa ntah. Can't hardly remember the date...
5th July 2008,
I guess..Correct me if I'm wrong, honey..

Akibat kegatalan kepala otak ku, bukannya nak accept on the dot. Nak fikir dulula konon. And so a week later, I decided to accept the proposal right in Planet Hollywood. We were listening to Ari Lasso in Malaysia and that was when I told him "I Will". But I guess I didn't say out loud enough for I had to repeat it quite a few times. Or mungkin kerana kamu kaget ya encik bf? It was 12th July 2008. I still remember the happy look on his face..:)

Risik Entourage
And so, tanpa melengahkan masa since he had to depart to Riyadh again, on 13th July the entourage came for Merisik. Orang kata bawak cincin je, tapi pakcik nk bawak berdulang2 jugak. And so berteraburla I went to find whatever I can to balas the dulang. Coincidently theme both pihak masa tu tercolor purple plak...I remember at that time I was wearing T-shirt and jeans only. Selamber badak jer..

Later followed by engagement la pulak on 11th October 2008. Yang ni I guess semua dah sedia maklum kot. Insyaallah wedding tu 2010 if tade halangan, ada rezeki, panjang umur, ada jodoh. Amiiin banyak punye panjang...

Till now then..Nak buat kunjungan hormat ke spa & butik Ecah! Promote, promote dgn harapan dapat discount..ngeeee...
~SePutih Kapas Spa
~Tenun Kapas

Note 1: I managed to mend my broken heart :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dark Ages

It was 4 in the morning when I received the news. The news that stabbed me right into my chest and cry my tears.
I am dissapointed, sad, and frustrated of me. As if I am a failure of what I'm in. All that I hoped for is gone. My dreams that I've been dreaming on were smashed away. I wished for the stars, over the sky..All gone with nothing left. Nothing but only a piece of me.
Man proposes, but God disposes. They say things happen for a reason. After all, it takes rain to make rainbows, lemons to make lemonade. Keeping faith, and wish that it'll never gone.
I am now entering the dark age of me.
Help me God, help me a to be a better me.
Syukur atas ujian Mu.
Note 1: I think I'm suffering Insomnia.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Weekend

Two posts in a day..what a busy lady I am.
Alhamdulillah, I had done my replacement puasa. At least kalau mati pun tenang skit. Kurang skit hutang duniawi. Now what is left is only my puasa nazar.
Hari usrah & tazkirah bersama Mak & Abah..huhu..
Mak lectured on how she wants my wedding to be simple, bersederhana, tak membazir, and tidak riak. I guess no RSVP by then. Only a simple wedding je. Mak said my engagement je dah burst and some kind of over pulak. Wedding ni nak bersederhana sikit. Ye sayang, sukela tue...
Abah pulak sound on how I live my life macam orang makan duit pencen jer. No work, only sleeps and eats as my routine. Eh, I fetch and send my brother to school what..hukhukhuk..Plus I no longer do any shopping spree tau. Dah tu what else should I do..Business belum melekat lagi, still on going process. Wait and see jelah. My fiance would surely tag team with Abah ni if he was around. Daaa...
Today I watched BU and heard the news of what had been on practice in Philipine. They utilized the methane gas captured from Landfill. Makin banyak pulak methane capturing ni masuk news. I guess I'm saying goodbye to carbon traders then. Cam susah je they all nak claim CH4 from UN pasni unless they take an initiative to 'save the world'.
Last night I had the same nightmare again. Usually I dreamt of 2 snakes, black in color. Only that last night boleh identify ular jenis apa. One is cobra, and the other one is ular apa nama ntah yang color black with yellow stripes tu. But then this time yang cobra ni relax jer, only that yellow stripes tu je main kejar2 I pulak. Ceh...Nak kata orang nak pinang, dah pinang dah pun. Mimpila taik ke, air ke, orang kata tanda rezeki nak masuk. Dulu masa nak dipinang takde nye mimpi2 ni. Jumpa betul2 terus. Berterabur lari..huhuhu...
And so goes my long weekend...
Salam Maulidur Rasul untuk semua Muslim readers. Semoga pekerti dan kepimpinan Rasulullah s.a.w menjadi platform of guidance buat kita semua. Insyaallah.
Note 1: I thought since Abah wants to buy a new cam, so I don't have to buy one la. Now tak jadi pulak..=|

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Assalammualaikum w.b.t
Hari Maulud (kelahiran) Nabi Muhammad s.a.w disambut bertujuan untuk memuliakan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w berasaskan firman Allah s.w.t dalam al-Quran (terjemahannya):
"maka orang yang beriman kepadanya (Muhammad s.a.w)
memuliakannya, menolongnya dan mengikuti cahaya
yang terang yang diturunkan kepadanya (al-Quran)
mereka itulah yang beruntung"
Hari Maulud pertama kali diselenggarakan oleh Sultan Salahuddin al Ayyubi ketika menghadapi pasukan salib bagi membakar semangat berjuang dan berkorban, untuk menyelamatkan umat Islam dan sebagai memeperingati kejayaan Sultan Salahuddin al Ayyubi berhasil memimpin tentera umat Islam memasuki Jerusalem.
Maulud Nabi disambut setiap 12 Rabiul Awal dimana zikir khusus akan diadakan di masjid-masjid. Perarakan secara besar-besaran yang disertai oleh lelaki, perempuan, kanak-kanak akan diadakan di bandar dan kampung sambil menyanyikan lagu-lagu memuji Nabi Muhammad s.a.w juga akan diadakan untuk memeriahkan hari Maulud ini. Jamuan makan juga dianjurkan oleh orang perseorangan atau pertubuhan untuk fakir miskin.
Terdapat 2 pendapat mengenai Maulud Nabi, iaitu pendapat yang pertama melakukannya adalah satu perbuatan yang dianjurkan bagi umat Islam. Pendapat kedua pula menyatakan menyambut hari Maulud adalah satu bidaah disebabkan ia tidak pernah dilakukan di zaman Rasulullah s.a.w dan para sahabat.
Menurut pendapat pertama, hujah mengapa Maulud Nabi boleh diraikan adalah:-
Bahawasanya Nabi Muhammad s.a.w datang ke Madinah maka beliau mendapat orang-orang Yahudi berpuasa pada hari Asyura iaitu 10 Muharram, maka Nabi s.a.w bertanya kepada orang Yahudi itu: "Kenapa kamu berpuasa pada hari Asyura?"
Jawab mereka: Ini adalah hari peringatan, pada hari serupa itu dikaramkan Firaun dan pada hari serupa itu Musa dibebaskan, kami berpuasa kerana bersyukur kepada Tuhan.
Maka Nabi s.a.w berkata:
"Kami lebih patut menghormati Musa berbanding kamu."
Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim
Ibnu Hajar Al-Asqalani, pengarang Syarah Bukhari berkata bahawa dari hadis ini dapat dipetik hukum;
  • Umat Islam dibolehkan bahkan dianjurkan memperingati hari-hari bersejarah, hari-hari yang dianggap besar umpamanya hari-hari maulud, miraj dan lain-lain.
  • Nabi turut memperingati hari tenggelamnya Firaun dan bebasnya Musa, dengan melakukan puasa Asyura sebagai bersyukur atas hapusnya yang batil dan tegaknya yang hak.
Note 1: Hari ni last day qada puasa..yeeehaa!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Civic Minded

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

After watching of what had been going on in Malaysia today, all can I say is
 "aiyyooo dey...u guys sooo tak bermoral 
and tak macam educated at all"
D'oh..I'm talking about PPSMI, of course. They claimed themselves as 'Mahasiswa' yang membantah PPSMI, but on contrary they acted as such uncivilised and make me, Mahasiswa felt demoralised.

They are educated, civilised, and golongan bijak pandai. They should have settled the issue on table, with proper negotiation. Ini buat perangai macam mat rempit jer, creating riots and chaos here and there. Of all frustrations, the idea came from and was lead by our very own Sasterawan Negara.

I felt really really dissapointed with this matter. Tak macam bijak pandai pun if I see the way they negotiate. They should have object this as early as 4 years ago, right when the government proposed this PPSMI matter. Now is a little too late, and only being troublesome to all.

Note 1: It's half to 12 a.m, and I'm going to bed now. What an accomplishment!
Note 2: To my dearest dear, kindly have fun and enjoy the civilised world. I am surely hope you have had the time to look around the city of Paris & Amsterdam and shop! Especially Paris la..Mumumumu...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Menjunjung Titah Tuanku

Assalammualaikum w.bt

PETALING JAYA: Kebiadapan sesetengah pihak yang bersuara lantang mempersoalkan kedudukan orang Melayu dan kedaulatan raja-raja Melayu ditegur Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah yang menyifatkan perbuatan itu tidak berbudi bahasa, tiada merasa segan dan malu.

Titah baginda, suara lantang itu yang tersebar mutakhir ini menerusi media cetak dan elektronik cukup membuatkan baginda kesal dan lebih menyedihkan apabila ia datang daripada kalangan bangsa Melayu sendiri yang mempertikaikan perkara termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Negeri dan Persekutuan.

“Orang Melayu diasuh dari zaman nenek moyang kita di atas landasan adat istiadat, budi pekerti, bersopan santun, hormat-menghormati dan sentiasa bermuafakat, (justeru) di atas landasan inilah maka orang Melayu disegani dan dihormati.

“(Tapi) di manakah orang Melayu sekarang? Negara baru mencapai kemerdekaan setengah abad, orang Melayu sudah bercakaran, hilang maruah, hilang budi pekerti disebabkan terlalu ghairah untuk merebut kuasa hingga sanggup menggadaikan bangsa dan negeri.
myMetro, 7 March 2009.

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya ada juga yang bertegas. Inilah yang diperlukan bagi menyedarkan mereka bahawasanya mereka berpijak di bumi Malaysia.


Good day!

A few days ago, I received a new kain from my Mak no. 2 and Ayah (I still feel awkward changing from 'makcik & pakcik' to 'Mak & Ayah') who came all the way from Terengganu. I guess terbanyak pulak my baju Raya for this year.

Nice type of material. Macam chiffon, but not as tipis as chiffon and printed in batik design. It's the same material as the one that I got from my hantaran. According to them, this is a new type of material in market. Nama apa ntah, tak ingat pulak. As for time being, only available at Terengganu. I guess by the time of Raya, dah banykla kot kat K.L ni..
Kain from hantaran dah sent for makeover. That was the
Makeover no.1. The tailor had called up and informed that my dress dah siap. Tapi no time to pick up. Ecececeh..buat2 tak reti menganggur pulak. Later nak buat Makeover no. 2 for this one pulak. Yet I still have no idea what kind of design I will be up to. Makeover no.1 dah buat baju kurung pahang, as for this one tak taulah. Material ni jenis berat and jatuh jugak. Boring la pulak if buat kurung pahang once again. Hmmm..
Oh tomorrow my fiance will take off to Europe. Nak create wish list pun tarak guna since he'll be coming back to Malaysia only on Raya. It seems like there's gonna be communication break down for one week. *izzit the right term to use at the right time??*
However, I'm keeping my fingers cross. Mana tau pakcik tu sempat shopping ke...I pun tumpang kenyang...amiiin...

Friday, March 6, 2009


Assalammualaikum w.b.t
I often asked myself, what do I want in life? How would I made my name remembered even though I were gone?
I had lived my life for 24 years, Alhamdulillah. Jika boleh saya katakan, saya puas dengan hidup saya. Jatuh dan bangun saya menjadikan saya yang sekarang ini. Though I am not a perfect person, what I am right now is the best of me. Dan saya puas dengan itu.
Entry ini sebenarnya ditulis kerana kerinduan saya terhadap beberapa perkara yang menjadi nostalgia dalam hidup saya.
I am missing those moment when.....

I went for movie marathon from day till night....
I am absolutely irrevocably missing the dining cuisine of my favourite place...

My all time favourite, Bourbon Street Barramundi..
And finally, of all those above, I am missing the most...
My other half......:(
In conclusion, I miss going out for any single date with my fiance...hukhukhuk...
And I have to wait for like the next 6 months to make it real..uwwaaaa.........
Note 1: Jiwa benar2 kacau :(

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food that Harm

I planned to write this long time ago. But then, there was always something else came up that I tend to write on other things.

Quite some time ago, I was requested by Mak to accompany her shopped for goods and food. I had no option to say no since Mak suffered injury in her elbow tissue. Threfore she could not lift any heavy things at all. And there was only me left to help her on the groceries. Despite filling my SPARE time due to retrenchment, I could contribute myself in a way for the waste that I had brought to the family ever since I were jobless.

The girls were planning for a picnic that weekend. So I planned to cook spaghetti since Sid will sponsor the drinks while Min and Ieda will bring sandwich and snacks. Thus, might as well I cook something for our tummy. Plus, Sid always said "Ko kan nak kawin, you should cook something for us to show that you're ready to commit..". And so, I looked around for the ingredients of the receipe. As I was looking for dried basil leaves, I saw something disgusting placed tightly together with other spices and dried herbs.

I saw no sign of non-Halal displayed, seriously. So I decided to report it to JAKIM since Dr. Maamor was looking for more votes for the pemilihan Bahagian at that time. Hopefully he did took some actions as he always fight for Halal and non-Halal products.

What had happened to our rights nowadays? This is an Islamic state and they people should have respect on this. To hell for them to call us extremist or whatsoever, but we are stepping our feet on our own motherland. Pardon my language..

Asal boleh jer derang ni...

Note 1: I managed to sleep early last night, as early as 4 am.
Note 2: Melatih diri untuk berwasatiah..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Assalammualaikum w.b.t

21 hari menjelang pemilihan Agung UMNO. Hari ini saya mendengar kata-kata penganalisis politik bahawa BN, khasnya UMNO sepatutnya melakukan reformasi dan penyusunan semula dalam parti. Saya terpanggil untuk bertanya kepada diri sendiri, mengapakah tag 'Reformasi' harus dipinjam dari kata-kata pengguna tetapnya?

Adakah reformasi benar-banar diperlukan, sedangkan keranapan BN mempertahankan kerusi-kerusinya pada PRU12 menyaksikan kebijaksanaan penyusunan strategi Gelombang Biru. Jelas sekali tindakan meletakkan calon yang teramat disayangi dan teramat menjaga kebajikan rakyat gagal meraih populariti di kalangan pengundi. Hal ini jelas berulang lagi dengan penyusunan strategi yang sama semasa pilihanraya kecil Parlimen Kuala Terengganu.

Apa yang ingin disampaikan disini, mereformasikan struktur parti bukanlah kata-kata yang bijak yang boleh diperkatakan oleh mereka yang bijak pandai. Seharusnya, pengkajian semula strategi perlu dilakukan sebelum membuat sesuatu keputusan yang sudahnya hanyalah mampu melihat dan menggigit jari. Eksperimen-eksperimen semasa PRU12 dan Pilihanraya kecil K.T seharusnya sudah cukup menidakkan kebenaran hipotesis mereka.

Apakah sudah tiada lagi kebijksanaan dalam pemikiran pemimpin-pemimpin hari ini? Saya menabik cadangan Ku Li yang mana pemilihan Agung UMNO seharusnya dipilih oleh semua ahli dan bukan hanya perwakilan. Satu langkah yang baik untuk menghapuskan politik wang. 

Tulisan ini hanyalah satu platform untuk saya mencetuskan pemikiran dan pandangan peribadi saya. Maaf andai kiranya coretan ini menyinggung mana-mana pihak.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am..

...confident and scared...
...terrified and excited...
...thoughtful and hopeful...
...sick and happy...
...shy and friendly...
...careful and careless...
...broken and whole...
...nothing in everything...
...pray to God and cry my tears...
...wish on stars and dream my dreams...
...smile on the outside, cry on the inside...
...listen to others who won’t listen to me...
...talk to those who won't talk to me...
...walk on eggshells and run on fire...
...sacrifice my needs for other's pleasure...
...expect for the unexpected...
...bleed for pride...
...cry for joy...
...risk for glory...

It takes rain to make rainbows, lemons to make lemonade, and difficulties to make us stronger and a better person.

Note 1: Jiwa kacau..

Monday, March 2, 2009


Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Last night, I watched the movie Terminator, the very first part of the saga. That was when I reminisce something that I had in mind ever since I first watched the movie back in 1993.

How the heck does John Connor ever exist? He sent a soldier named Kyle Reese back to the year 1984 to protect his mother, Sarah Connor. Kyle later made love to Sarah and conceive the child which later named as John Connor. At the end of the movie, Sarah reveals to a recording tape that John is Reese's son, conceived during their one night at the motel six months earlier.

I mean how could John Connor ever exist in the very first place if only he had to send his father back to 1984, then only his father would made love to Sarah and conceived himself?

Four on-screen versions of John Connor, took from www.wikipedia.org

Whatever reasons by James Cameron, I still think Christian Bale suits the role..HOT!

Note 1: I am missing someone from far far away..unable to communicate :(

Posttraumatic Disorder Stress

Assalmmualaikum w.b.t
I got my driving license when I was 17, right after SPM (sekali test je, Alhamdulillah). That was when Abah bought me a gold colour Kelisa with registration number WJV54 (I found it sexy). Abah said I need to practice my driving skills in manual mode before I drive in automatic. So Abah bought me the car in manual. It was not a big deal for me, not until my first damage.
It happened a few weeks upon driving the new car, when I was trying to park my car at Ampang Point. I was driving with my 3 other friends, trying to do L-parking (with head comes first) when I hit the wall next to me. I can still remember clearly the horrible sound of dented and scratched. Somehow, I misestimated the distance between the wall and my car upon parking. As the result, my left front door dented horribly. It was like facing the Death Angel when I confront to my Abah about the incident.
Later I went to Matriculation program. The program's regulatory forbid me from bringing my car to college. Since both my parents already had their own car and nobody wanted to look after mine, that was the time to let go off my Kelisa. This does not end the story. As I went to university, Abah gave me his car on my second semester. Poor his darling daughter did not have any transport to go for classes and went back home every weekend. Yes, I am a pampered child. What can I say, I'm the first child. That was when I drove my metalic blue Putra (WHL5454).
First time driving an automatic mode sport car, I overpressed the gas paddle and went across aroad divider. My bumper was badly damaged, and so as my shaft and arm guard. Again, to confront with Abah is like facing the Angel of Death. The good thing is that I got a new shiny sport rim, and Abah did the makeover in marvellous!
Putra was pretty, but not a good car to maintain. Ever since Abah bought it, lots of problem arised. Then we let go the car, and trade in with turqoise color Gen2 (WLW5454) during my second year in uni. No problems nor accidents occured, until one night at the car park of my very own college. I was having a study group in my room when one of my mates told me that my car had been hit. I was shocked, rushed to her room (since hers facing the car park) and look down to see my car. I saw glasses smashed on the ground and that was when I felt my blood rises up and heat my cheek. I rushed down to find out what happened. It turns out my car was hit by a Kancil, and the smashed glasses that I saw came from the Kancil. It was a miracle that my car was like untouched and the Kancil was damaged horribly on the bonnet, and the window glasses broke.
Gen2, sabotaged by those 3 stooges (the leader was the tallest guy standing at the back most)

That was not the only incident. With respect to a friend, I choose not to explain the whole story on how my Gen2 hit a tree and damaged its strong bonnet.
Despite its firm and strong protective body structure, Gen2 consumes fuel like running water. Furthermore the car was like under-powered. So we let go the car, and trade in with blue colour Honda City (WNM5454) during my third year in uni. I received the car key in hand right on my birthday, as stated in my road tax. I admit the car was ugly. However it save a lot on fuel consumption. Plus Mak wants me to get a car, economically for my future sake. A car that I can drove my kids to school and etc. This car meant a lot to me. It witnessed my days as well as my night life. It was like my second home. My first ever long distance drive with this car was to Morib. Furthest was to Cameron Highlands.
Not to mention, my first accident while driving this car (talking about major road accidents, discluding minor scratches and mild dents). I was on my way to attend a wedding with my fiance (boyfriend, at that time). As we drove along the MRR2 near Cheras Baru, somehow the road condition crawled bumper to bumper. I was on the right most lane when suddenly, out of nowhere a Proton Wira from the middle lane skided and its head crossed the right lane. What more can I do, it suddenly appeared in front of me. The car's head came to our left whilst a road divider was on our right. Without any other option, we crashed the car instead of the road divider. This so we can claim the damage from insurance kan..
That was not the last. Somewhere in 2008 I crashed my car by hitting pieces of road divider. It was dark and I couldn't see those pieces on the road. I had to replace my shaft, and so on and on which finally cost me approximately RM 3k. Let's not go more into details of my silly mistake ya.
On the very same year, I met with another accident. It was during Ramadhan, approximately a month before my engagement. I was driving from Kuala Selangor with my Mak on our way back to see my sister, Anje from her boarding school. Mak wanted to stop by at a nursery to buy some plants (this is a compulsary routine when we went to Kuala selangor with Mak). Later, I had to make a U-turn to head back to Ampang. This by which means I had to cross from the roadside, crossing over the two-way lane and make a perfect U-turn to the opposite direction. I was at the roadside, eyeing left and right before crossing the road. Mak eyed on my left, whilst me on the right. I can see a motorcycle coming on the same lane of mine, about 200m away. I was so confident that I can make the turn in time. So I hit the paddle and cross the road. That was when I heard a horrifying smashed sound. I was panicked and stayed still, did nothing. After a while I heard Mak yelled "Kakak! Ada orang!!!" but it was too late. I turned around and saw there was a man smashed into my car. With cars coming from the opposite direction, I had no choice but to move my car to the roadside. And my car condition was like a result of mass destruction of the universe!

That was the case number three. Luckily the rider smashed the back door instead of the driver's. Most of all, luckily it was only a motorcycle, not a car or lorry. What happened to the rider and the pillion (Indian)? They refused neither to be medicated nor to be taken to hospital. People stop by to help them. Others, witnesses, and those who had helped advise me to ignore them and make an immediate police report. Ignore, how cruel ya..Perhaps they don't want the rider and pillion to over claim from me and my Mak. A few good men took us to the nearest police station and help us with the report.
Abah and Mak don't have good feelings for me to drive this car anymore. It had been in accident for three times and get worsen each time. So we let go the car. Today I drove a car which I bought with my very own money, no more fund from PAMA. I guess I had improved my driving skills by now though some people disagreed. They said I had became much too much carefule and aware, and that my speed is too slow. My fiance used to say "Tolong kembalikan zLa yang dulu!!!"....
I guess I suffered from PDS, and I am still suffering..
Note 1: I'm still a vampire. Going to my casket..pen off now!