Friday, May 29, 2009


I realize it's been almost a week since my last update.
Kebizian, biasela..yoolah!
I know I did mentioned so many times my crave for sushi. Think of biting one la for lunch nanti. Thank God it's Friday!
I also know I promised a Grand Opening, but nantila since currently I'm suffering back ache. Biasela..Sebulan sekali..
As for now, here is an advertisement to my other site:

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Kindly click on the image and you'll be directed to the page link.
Comments are most welcome folks!
Thank you in advance :)
Grand Opening will come with promotions
Stay tune..
Selamat hari Jumaat sume2..

Note 1: Extacly 365 days from now until my wedding day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Weekend

Tired, exhausted..
On Saturday, went to KUSESS to give Anje 100% moral support since she'll be seating for her PMR. Penat siot..We had a so called picnic, and it was fun. It's been long since we gather the whole family in any outdoor activity.

On Sunday went to shop for my makeup tools and cosmetics, berlari ke sana sini. And berlari again to catch up the movie Angels & Demons with Sid.

The movie was superb! Puas hati beb..As good as Da Vincci Code. At some point, I think this one is better!

On top of that, hatiku sngat gumbira karena telah completed all my makeup needs! There'll be a Grand Opening launching soon. Stay tune..

Kaki cramp sepanjang weekend. So as my jari-jemari..

Tomorrow will be heading to Seputih Kapas Spa for makeup session with Akmal and Ecah.
Cuti was successfully granted. However need to cut into half day since nak submit proposal and tetibe plak ade malaon tak siap quotation lagi.

Working on your own business allows you to get free time whenever you want. Says who???

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Singular vs Plural

Tag by Kak Nik

How old are you?.........
25 tahun..(baru 24 je sebenarnye..hukhukhuk)

Are you single?.........
engaged..sorry folks...

At what age do you think you'll get married?.......
25th ++ since dah set date before December 2010. Sempat 25th la..

Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?.....
Insyaallah kalau sampai jodoh, sampai seru, sampai sponsorship..

If not, who do you want to marry?....
A? Tamo pk kawin dulu sbb nk pujuk hati yg lara, sampai overshoot 30. Pastu kalau org tanya nape xkawen2, alasan sbb dah overshoot 30..

Who will be your bridesmain & bestman?.....
BFF and her hubby..

Do you want a garden / beach or traditional wedding?....
Ntahler..janji lepas yang wajib..

Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?...
mmm..mana2 yg package murah

How many guest do you think you’ll invite?....
depends on the invitation respond..macamla buat rsvp..hehe..
xpaksa, klu datang alhamdulillah..kalau xdapat datang tolong doakan jela..Allah dengar doa kamu dimana2..:)

Will that include your exes?....
Lost contact oledi..

How many layers of cake do you want?....
Tade nak potong2 cake ni..kita kan Melayu, potong pulut kuning dahler..kalau boleh..boleh ke mak?

When do you want to get married, morning or evening?....
according to the plan, evening..subject tends to change monthly due to guests' requests..:(

Name the song / tune you’d like to play at your wedding?...
Pantun Budi, Selasihku Sayang, Gurindam Jiwa, Setangkai Kembang Melati, Di Wajahmu Kulihat Bulan, Hati ke Hati, bnyk jari gua nk cramp dh pikul barang shopping siang tadi

Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork, knife?....
makan pakai tangan sudah

Champagne or red wine?...
haram tue

Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?.....
ntahler..tgk dapat cuti ke tak ni..

Money or household items?....
both also applicable

How many kids would you like to have?....
depends on the production engineer

Will you record your honeymoon in DVD / CD?.....
if there's any space avaliable

TAG kawan2 yg blom kawen seperti:
Mr. Amer
Dila @Dalila

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Reason to Merompak

You see what I mean...?

Mari Merompak

May 21st, approximately 1239 hours
4 months from now, the PLAN will be executed
aChong, sile tag team with me
As for right now, tengah usha bank mana nak dirompak
Let's get the blueprints..
and run the simulation 30 days prior to the set date
Load the armor, I have napalm with me
Get the night vision ye partner
I won't rob with sleeveless for sure
nanti nak pakai tudung + long sleeve
All in black..sleek & smart jer
Ye..aku memang dah masuk air
Silela bagi pressure lagi..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today, I...

-checked on the weight scale, resulting a sudden drop of 2kg (^_^)v
-still, can't fit in my slack pants and had to wear baju kurung for the whole week.
-wore my kurung from engagement's hantaran for the very first time.
-had breakfast of masalodeh yang buat aku meleleh since last week..
-had to send my piece of kain to the tailor since I'm lacking of kurungs.
-am aching my head since Mak urged me on wedding theme selection.
-had darker tan, thanks to global warming!
-am missing my achong sayang..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Please let my spirit keep on burning
At least until next weekend
Please don't let it fade away
Please, please, please..
Let me be consistent for once
It wouldn't be too much to ask, would it?
Wish aChong is here..

Friday, May 15, 2009

To be, or not to be?

Dia datang lagi. Si dilemma tu la. Always there when I don't bother to need any. Never been there when it's needed.

Dr. X called lagi. Everytime when he called up, tade lain but new potential project. And each time, I had to withdraw due to incorrect timing matter. Oftenly I was up to something, or in the middle of something. Today, he offered a job lagi. Very good, and high potential one.

The project seems in a very high potential. Role: as founder and developer of this new product. Stability wise, not bad since the chairman pun my former VC, Dr. Zohadie. Tapi on top of that, aku rase letih pulak la involve in a role as founder ni. Risky. Kalau jadi memang meletup giler2. Kalau tak?? It's not like doing project for Masters ke Degree ke. Kalau tak jadik, berbulan la ko menganggur. Plus, dah lama giler since I last practice my engineering. Nape plak Dr. X dengan confident nye mention nama aku? Adoii pakcik ni pun satu..

Meanwhile, currently I'm in a role as a good daughter. Being there when daddy needed. Though the pay taklah banyak mana, but I feel good dapat tolong mana yang perlu especially dalam sesak2 nafas ke kan. It's the least I could do. Iyeke?

Dilemma: To be or not to be? Should I or shouldn't I?

Knowing myself yang never consistent, though I remember in my few posts previously I did mentioned that I wouldn't go for other job. And knowing me as the one with full of 'what if...' quote, I would say what if this is one opportunity that wouldn't come every second?

Oh aChong dearie, I'm truly in your shoes...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ikan Buntal

Syoknye hidup aku..
Hari2 staff bagi food
Last two days was KFC
Yesterday was chocs,
Today jambu plak..
Mana aku xgemok???
Zuhair pun dah sound.
hari ni je dah 3 orang sound aku gemok
Nanti aChong balik dia tak kenal camne?

Note 1: Can't wait to get the project accomplish!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Sama Siapa?

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

It was a tiring weekend. In fact last night balik from studio jer terus boom..tidoq..langsung taleh bukak mata..hukhukhuk..

Attended course with Nurul Shukor. Okla mak tu..sporting giler. Agak garang, but garang2 sayang gitu. Banyak giler tips dia. Bnyk giler skill dia..Amazed, truly amazed. Bridal makeup rate for Nurul Shukor ni RM1.2k-1.5k ye kawan2..But the touch memang superb! Ade discount for student..ngeee..

Day 1: Nurul taught the skills, tools, sume2 yang basic la..bertuah badan si dia kena tonyoh ngan Nurul...
Nurul's before & after.

See the one yg semangat pegang cam tu? Yupe, that's me..Day 1 was very sourceful. Turns out there's a lot of skills that I never discovered within myself all this while.

Day 2: Test! Grrr..
"Mak nak tengok gak skill korang. Buat2, mana rotan aku?? Hawau ko Pondan!"
Keluar dah Melaka dia..But he's really2 nice. Friendly, humble, sourceful, and most of all tak kedekut ilmu. No extra charge for his secrets skill. Siap bagi secret ingredient lagi ko..

Yang aku pelik tu, dia soh mekap partner masing2 with Bridal theme. Tapi bila tang aku dia soh buat dramatic plak..hancuss muka ku. Kesian partner. Since mataku sepet and tade eyelid, 80% of the makeup si Nurul yang buat. Pastu dia syok plak berjaya timbulkan eyelid aku. Takpela, kira untungla aku ni tak perlu bayar RM1.5k for her touch..yuhuu!Then when it came to my turn make up my partner, still nk maintain the dramatic theme lagi. Berketaq tangan mak beb cikgu dok kt sebelah jer tak gerak2. Org lain tak nak pulak dia tengok..huhuhu..But he's very helpful la. Best sangat!

And here's the result..Tak puas hati sebenarnya sbb tak cukup tools. Color shades pun tak cukup. Pkaila mana yang ade jer..Dramatic bride. However, nak lawan cikgu punya pasal I've tried to maintain the soft look. Overall, memang best. Team pun best. Anyone yang nak ambik makeup course, I strongly recommend her. Memang langsung tak berkira. Sayang ko mak..
I'm certified now. Makeup anyone?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ratu Hatiku

Kamu si Ratu Hatiku..
always there from the start
till God knows when..
No such words to say how much I thank you
Indescribable is how I describe you..
I love you with all my heart
And I know my love could never be more than yours
No matter how much I try,
it could never be more..
Tahun ni, I'm saying Happy2 to 2 Maks..
Big Hug, Mom


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I am

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I want to be

Friday, May 8, 2009

Boleh pulak..

Benarkah aku dah tak reti pakai tudung bawal?
Ke muka ku semakin bulat?
Laen macam je aku tengok..
Peningkatan sebanyak 6.5 kilo bukan satu kebanggaan.
Before kancing seluar aku tercabut lagi,
And before piping seluar aku tertetas lagi,
Elokla aku sedar2 kan diri sket..
Hari ni performance indicator aku beeping lagi.
Baju kurung suppose to make us look kurus kan?
But then bila baju kurung pn dah tak muat camno tue?
Bukannye selalu mentakedarah tak hengat dunia cam dulu2 lagi..
Lunch break pun tak lunching tau..
Tapi weight loss tracker tu tak jugak berganjaknye..
Segala tok nenek kebaya ku dh kena pile up kat store je skang..
Tengok jela yg mampunye..hukhukhuk
Saat2 camnila terasa nk makan masalodeh..*drooling*
Tapi kancing kain baju kurung ku tercabut lagi :(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ermm..I'm submitting few tenders..
Doakan melekat ye..
Need a full swing ni..
I guess there will be no virtual communication with aChong next week
for the whole week..
Then the week after will be a week of therapy..
Main mekap2 with Ecah & Akmal..yayy!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Posts in a Day!

I'm a 'busy' woman. So I have a lot of time posting new entries today. Something to share with you. I'm gonna talk about cooking receipe (yela sangatt).

We call this Kacang Phool. It's a receipe originated from Arab, turun temurun from my great2 grands yg came to Tanah Melayu for berdagang. It's a receipe pass down for generations of Hasbul something2 family (can't even remember my last family name as it's been discarded since grandpa's generation). I think it's al-Hasbul la. During our couple of Umrah trips years back, kitorang dok melantak benda ni je since ni je yg xberapa pelik pada perut kitorang. Since the trips weren't under the Tabung Haji, and so the food pun ntah pape jer. Survive sendiri le cari makan yang best sket. Nevertheless, this meal is quite popular in S'pore. Here it goes:
500 gm kacang parang (rendam semalaman)

150 ml minyak masak

5 sudu besar minyak sapi

3 biji bawang besar (potong dadu)

3-4 sudu besar cili kering kisar

2 biji tomato buah (potong dadu)
300 gm daging lembu (kisar)
1 tin kecil tomato puri (kira-kira 70 gm)

2 sudu besar jintan manis (sangai & tumbuk/kisar halus)

1 sudu teh lada hitam serbuk

2 sudu teh garam (atau secukup rasa)

limau kasturi (dibelah dua)

cili hijau/merah

bawang besar (dipotong dadu)

telur mata lembu

french loaf (klu kat Arab ni derang makan ngan pita bread yg besar gabak tu je)

Kacang parang direbus dgn secukup air sehingga empuk. Kemudian kisar sehingga ¾ halus dgn menggunakan lebihan air rebusan tadi. Kalau suka, segenggam kacang ini dibiarkan sebiji-sebiji. Panaskan campuran minyak & minyak sapi di dalam periuk. Tumis bawang besar sebentar lalu masukkan cili kering kisar. Kacau dan masak sehingga cili garing lalu masukkan tomato buah. Kemudian, masukkan daging kisar dan kacau lagi. Kalau perlu bubuh sedikit air. Seterusnya, masukkan kacang parang yg telah dikisar tadi. Gaul/kacau rata-rata lalu masukkan tomato puri, jintan manis, lada hitam dan garam. Kacau sehingga rata dan matikan api. Hidangkan dengan cili hijau/merah, bawang besar dadu, perahan jus limau kasturi, telur mata lembu dan roti perancis (ni org S'pore bilang, org M'sia bilang french loaf)-S'porian's accent je yg pakai 'bilang2 ni'.

That's the old method. Skang ni pakai kacang parang dlm tin cap ayam tu je pun bleh. Blend, then masukkan jintan and badam sket (both in serbuk form), tumbuk black pepper skit, masukkan garam secukup rase. Not to forget sket je cili boh nye. Then masak sampai boil. Serve with telur mata lembu (I prefer yg lembik2 tue) , cili hijau, bawang besar skit, melted minyak sapi (pour as garnish instead of cooking it all together), limau kasturi, and makan dengan french loaf. Siap!

See, saya telah merealisasikan one of my '09 Goals list. I know aChong won't dare to eat this. It'll be kinda pelik stuff for him and he won't take pelik stuff. Nevertheless, still count as one and more to come (iyeke?). Hampeh je kan masak simple camni je. Bertuah aChong berbinikan aku..

One down, 9 to go!

Bear in Mind

1. Majlis walimah dibuat ikut sunnah iaitu sekadar tercapai maksud utk menghebahkan perkahwinan & lahirkan rasa bersyukur.

2. Adat yg diikut hanya yg selari dgn agama, bkn yg brtentangan & menyusahkan.

3. Hidangan & segala persiapan dibuat sekadarnya, tidak membazir & berlebih-lebihan
"Janganlah kamu membazir kerana sesungguhnya org-org yg membazir itu merupakan saudara syaitan & syaitan itu amat engkar kpd Tuhannya" (Al-Israk;26-27)

4. Kaya & miskin dijemput, bkn hanya org kaya yg diraikan
"Makanan yg plg buruk adlh makanan dlm walimah yg mengundang org-org kaya saja utk makan, sedangkan org-org miskin tidak diundang" (Riwayat muslim dan Baihaqi dari Abu Hurairah)

5. Tetamu diraikan sama rata, tidak terlalu mengistimewakan layanan & hidangan utk org berkedudukan.

6. Hiburan yg diadakan sesuai dgn akhlak & sayriat Islam, bkn hiburan yg melalaikan & menghingar-bingarkan majlis.

Seberkat-berkat majlis ialah majlis walimah. Tapi sayang sekali kerana ramai yg mensia-siakan keberkatan yg diberikan oleh Allah SWT khusus bg mereka yg mendirikan rumah tangga.

Semoga aku tak terpesong dari yang wajib dan melebihkan yang lagha. Amiin..

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm in Love


I think I'm in love..
with The Body Shop..
Suke the 'save the environment' value
Suke the campaigns and charity
Suke the points get for every RM spent
Suke the 'this is a recycle paper'
Suke juga the 'paint with water base ink'
Suke the 100% plant based products
Boleh bawak sembahyang
Suke the brush set yg sangat cheap yet sangat best!
Sukee giler....

Aku jatuh chenta lagi..
Once upon a time, we were in love
But then we broke up over a betrayal..
I betrayed The Body Shop for more branded chemicals
Now we are back together..
I'm moving back to The Body Shop.
Farewell my dearest Dior, MAC, Bobbi, Givenchy, and sume2..
See ya again in my wedding hantaran!
*no exceptions ya aChong ku sayang*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Token of Appreciation


Mekap-mekap contest had finally announced the winner. Sukeee sekali!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my dearest voters. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks a whole bunch to loyal friends especially mizzAmy who does help on the vote count. Thank you to Zuhair jugak for the vote, (I owe you a treat..) and Cik Puan Aleya juga..
*smooch smooch*

Thank you for the support, and thanks for everything dear aChong love..mucho2 gracias :) *big hug*

Thank you to family, who laughed at my makeup..lalala..

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I apologize if I ever left out anyone. I hope I don't. Thank you!
Blow Kiss

Note 1: I do love the 1st contestant's makeup tho..