Monday, May 25, 2009

My Weekend

Tired, exhausted..
On Saturday, went to KUSESS to give Anje 100% moral support since she'll be seating for her PMR. Penat siot..We had a so called picnic, and it was fun. It's been long since we gather the whole family in any outdoor activity.

On Sunday went to shop for my makeup tools and cosmetics, berlari ke sana sini. And berlari again to catch up the movie Angels & Demons with Sid.

The movie was superb! Puas hati beb..As good as Da Vincci Code. At some point, I think this one is better!

On top of that, hatiku sngat gumbira karena telah completed all my makeup needs! There'll be a Grand Opening launching soon. Stay tune..

Kaki cramp sepanjang weekend. So as my jari-jemari..

Tomorrow will be heading to Seputih Kapas Spa for makeup session with Akmal and Ecah.
Cuti was successfully granted. However need to cut into half day since nak submit proposal and tetibe plak ade malaon tak siap quotation lagi.

Working on your own business allows you to get free time whenever you want. Says who???


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

wah... busy nya. dan banyak nya barang make up tuh.

best kan kalau keje sendiri ni. tak terikat pun. boleh cuti suka2 hati. :P

DalilaMian said...

ehhh..itu sid yg menari tu ke???oooo how is she now?krem salam kt die k?die still menari lagi ke?

zLa said...

dia dh pencen la cik dilla