Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo of the day

Sorry, I just can't help myself from uploading this

Photo of the day

Sorry, I just can't help myself from uploading this

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Of Wedding Dress: Reception

Despite duka lara seperti yang dinyatakan dalam previous entry, sedikit rasa gumbira telah mencuit hati. Eh? Len macam jek ayat. Hm...

Officially booked my wedding gown kat Rawang situ..Tomorrow mahu ukur size pula.

Also, mahu tambah batu bata kasi lip lap jadi disco ball.

All of sudden, rasa nak pakai pearls pulak la :D

Dewan Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir: Gone baby gone...

On the early of November 2009, me and my dad went to the hall for booking. Met En. Naina, the person in charge.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to pay the deposit since booking for June 2010 only opens on January 2010. Bistu Encik Naina, kalau orang lain nak book date 6th June tu camne? "Takpe, you kasi sini your phone number, nanti kalau ada orang mahu booking I call sama you." Ok, so Encik block kan temporary la ye? "Ya, ya...don't worry nanti apa-apa saya kasi call sama you". Ooo..baik betul Encik ni. Tapi saya dah kena start booking caterer, pelamin, also print invitation card juga. Nanti mesti kena print map sini. Confirm boleh dapat ke dewan ni Encik? "Takpe, takpe. Don't worry. Ni kira confirm la. You book je semua tu. Boleh dah print card. Nanti 2nd January 2010 you datang saja bawak deposit ok?" Okayyy....

On early December 2010, Weda informed me that bookings for June already open. Apakah??? So I rushed to the dewan to see Encik Naina, to cepat cepat depo. Tau tak susah nak jumpa Naina ni? Only managed to see his staff. So we ran through the booking book and guess what? The hall for 6th June already booked by other person. Oh remuknya rasa hati ni. Nak lempang lempang je rasa muka si Naina tu. Janji manis tul. hukhukhuk...Turns out, it's not just me becoming the victim here. I ran through the booking book with his staff yang tak berapa puas hati dengan dia ni, and found out ada juga few brides yang have to back off last minute due to the hall bertindih booking with some vip. Oh lucky nya kamu Weda! Sangat jales okeyh..huhuhu

Takpelah, mungkin bukan rezeki. Mana tau kot kot I dah siap kaw kaw decor kat dewan tu tiba tiba bertindih ngan vip ke kan? kan? Berusaha menyedapkan hati ni. Hmm...

Dewan TTAH, dalam kenangan..

For those who are interested and been asking me the contact person for the hall bookings, please contact:
Encik Naina
hp: 012-3154825
updated: Rate: RM 450 (8 a.m - 5 p.m)

kesengalan yang jelas nyata

I purposely take full time coursework in pursuing my study with high much in hope that by having classes on weekdays I would still be able to continue my weekends activity. I purposely take coursework instead of research for I know I could never be able to discipline nor motivate myself.  Full stop.

So I registered successfully and paid the amount of fee that burnt a whole in my pocket deeply. Ok, tegarkan hati.  So as excited as I can be, I went to the 2nd floor to get the timetable. Oh sangatlah full of excitement when I saw the subjects to be taken. Weeeeee!!!!!  Can't wait to register those subjects.  As I looked at the timetable, said the person in charge with a smile on her face due to my excitement behavior, "classes are mostly on weekends ya dik".  WTF???? But I've checked and called up before. Classes for full time coursework should be on weekdays. Kan kak?? And she replied "Ye dik, tapi kat faculty ni ramai yang bekerja, so kita buat class on weekends".  Oh kak, dengan berlegar legar dalam kepala otak ku list of brides yang dah bayar deposit up till June dan dengan mengesat peluh di dahi, I pun cakap: saya kerja on weekends kak, camne ni? "Eh pelik pulak awak ni terbalik. Hmm..Awak kena bincang dengan P.A dulu camne. Akak memang tak boleh tolong apa apa".  Hmmppsss..Hmmppsss... "P.A awak pergi overseas la dik.  Tapi ada Dr. ni yang ganti. Skang ni dia tengah viva pulak". Errgghhhhhh!!! Suweh tul.

Jadi apakah solution nye?

After thinking a while and since my 1.2k had gone to the Bendahari UPM, I decided to register whatever subjects available on weekdays. I hate to force all the lecturers to change the classes from weekends to weekdays and furthermore, hate to force the whole students to go with the flow. Erk?? For what is best, I have to back myself off. Ok? Ok kot..

Right now, I have to finish the first semester and take at least 6 credits with total credit fee of RM 1.5k. Within my 10th week of study, I have to apply for a transfer from coursework without thesis to research with thesis. By that time, I should have a husband already and I need him to knock my head in order to build up the motivation and discipline in me.

Malaysia boleh!

Jika kau fikirkan kau boleh (kau boleh), kau hampir boleh melakukan.
Jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu, usahamu tidak menentu.....

Kau boleh...

Kau boleh!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Things that I have to let go

#1 Seruan from Ratu Sehari Magazine for advertisement along with write up on my works for 4 editions.  Not to mention photoshoot for the cover magazine! Argghhhh!!!
#2 Urban Vibe Event for Pameran Pengantin.  A booth of my own.  To be held in March 2010 at PWTC along with MATTA Fair. Walawei..can't imagine the number of visitors! Giler tak rasa gelisah yang menebal dalam dada ni?

Confuse on how they got my contacts. Anyhow, had to refuse the offers. Why? Kerana saya terpaksa kahwin in June, and can't afford to pay or and handle them all.

Kenapa kamu semua tak datang bergolek camni in July???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Click on Him!

Last night, met Ikram Ismail for discussion, bargain, and also negotiation. I brought along fiance, and parents as well. Planned to discuss only. All in sudden, ter-bargain pulak. In the end, ter-booked as well.

Oh puas hatiku for having him as my official photographer. The rate? Oh bestnye...5 events in 2 days for not more than RM 5k with Ikram as the principal photographer. 5 events comprise of: Majlis persalinan baju daerah + Khatam al-Quran + Nikah + very short berinai kecil (Day 1), and also Reception (Day 2).  If got spare time after the reception, he offered FOC outdoor photography. Is it worth? You judge it..

For those who interested to hire him on your day, better book him early for he's going to raise his current rate on 1st Jan 2010.

On the other hand, am currently facing problems and debating with the hall's supervisor. Angin je suka-suka hati kasi orang lain cut queue. No intention to blog about it now. Angin kus-kus mengembang kempiskan hidungku..hmmppss..hmppsss...

Congratulations Weda!

On 5th Dec, me & fiance (wah, this time ada partner!) attended the gorgeous wedding of Weda's at Dewan Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir.  Oh sangat cantikla ambience dia di siang hari. Yakin, cantik juga di malam hari..huuuuuu...........
Sekitar majlis..kira punya kira, dalam 35 round table boleh muat ni....

Beautifully romantic entrance arch

Beautiful pelamin...

Love the tropical fruits here...angle tak cun pulak..

Beautiful newly wed

 Oh sweet nye...

Beautiful us..ehhh??? sesat pulak..

Beautiful Wahida Yaakub :)
Oh tak camera alert pulak..aisehhh

It was a beautiful wedding, and Weda looked gorgeous! Congratulations, dear.  Semoga berbahgia & jadi isteri yang solehah, ok!

p/s~ Oh I want my wedding to be here also. I want! I want! I want!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am 25, and still unmarried. Still broke, and still unemployed. Do I want to be employed? Uissshhh...Gatal!

This is the most memorable birthday ever. Received first birthday wish from Braun Buffel, followed by SSF. Then, received lots of birthday wishes from friends, family, and clients as well. Oh sangatlah terharu.

Now that fiance is back in town for good, my birthday is more meaningful than ever. Got a chance to celebrate my birthday with fiance, since I never celebrated with him since we met. Kesian tak? Yela, my birthday falls on December which is during the school holidays also semester break. Fiance always back to his hometown during the holidays, so I just celebrated with family. I guess due to the holidays, my birthday seems to be meaningless for every year. No celebrations at all. When it comes to 4th December, I was always like ' hmmm....'.

But this time, it's different. I'm a little bit depressed for this would be my last birthday being single. And this year, it touches my heart as more people gave me warmest wishes.  Thank you, guys..I heart you all to bits!

The next day, fiance fetch me from my house. He had to drove my car everywhere for his bike is still unavailable at the moment. As I walked towards my car, I saw a gadget holder held against my front car window. And when I opened the door.......









Oh fiance, you always knew what's in my mind without me having to say it out.
You always finished my sentences.
Oh terharu...

This is the most memorable birthday ever!
Good bye teenage years. I am and adult now :)
Goodbye single hood birthdays. I'm gonna miss you..

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dress Hunting: Udaimatunnur

Just a quick update, for I'll do more hunting tomorrow :)

I went to Udaimatunnur and caught my eyes on a wedding gown. Fiance pun dah jatuh chenta juga. It's just that it's too pricey. One thing I love about Udaimatunnur is the tudung wear. Heart the gipsy style :)
Also, developed a strong chemistry with En. Ismail, the designer already. Thanks to fiance, I managed to control my sifat terburu-buru this time. We opted to do more survey tomorrow, and the day after, and after, and after. Wish me luck people!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hantaran Hunting: Perfume & Fragrances

Hello lovelies! Mood i berbunga-bunga since fiance back in town. We went for macam-macam hunting as if we're getting married next month! Dowh...

One of the hunting mission was perfume & fragrances.  I always waited for Cristmas sale for this purpose. Yela, for me it's cheaper and come with fabulous sets, and also gorgeous packing walaupun akan dirabakkan oleh si pendekor hantaran.

As for hantaran purpose, my aim is truly on the bottle. Next, bila dah jumpa bottle yang berkenan di hati, then only I looked for the perfect smell that suits me on my W day. This is a tough challenge for me as my body aroma ni pelik sket. It's very hard to find a perfume that match my odour.  So we walked, searched, and survey sampai fiance pun naik fed up with me, but not too long until I rasuah him with food ;p

In terms of smell, I opted for fresh and elegant scent. Yela, niatnya nak sembur banyak banyak during the recption nanti.  Some tips from The Knot:

Fragrance Glossary

  • Perfume (a.k.a. parfum): the most potent and usually the most expensive product in the fragrance family. Why it may be worth it to shell out the bucks: It has a higher concentration of oil, so a little goes a long way -- and you won't run out as quickly.
  • Eau de Parfum: falls next in the potency arena. It's not quite a perfume, but it goes that extra mile.
  • Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne: somewhat weaker and more watered down than perfume, both eau de toilette and eau de cologne are usually available in convenient spray bottles. Keep in mind, though, that while the bottles may be larger and priced similarly to smaller versions containing the same scent, the bigger bottles are less concentrated, so you're not necessarily getting more for your money.
  • Body Splash: has the lowest concentration of scented oil and disappears into the skin, offering a lighter scent.

Finding the One

  • If you're thinking about wearing a new scent on the big day, be sure to start experimenting at least a month before your wedding -- just in case your nose leads you to something that causes an allergic reaction.
  • Be sure to sniff a scent on your skin before you buy -- you can't judge a fragrance by how it smells in the bottle or on a scent card.
  • Test by spraying on the scent and letting it sit. Your body heat and oils will effect how it smells. Let the fragrance develop for a minute or two before putting it to a serious sniff test. Have your shopping buddy tell you what she thinks, too.
  • Once you've gotten your pal's approval, go home and let your honey take a whiff -- you don't want to wear a scent that makes him sniffle or wince -- or worse, one that reminds him of an ex.
  • Don't overwhelm your senses by sampling too many perfumes in one day. If you don't find "the one" the first day out, make another trip.

Wear It Well

  • For "scent-ual" staying power, apply fragrance in layers (different products, same scent). Start with a body wash, then slather on the scented moisturizer, and end with the perfume.
  • Put fragrance on your pulse points -- your wrists, behind your ears, in the bend of your elbows, on your ankles. These spots generate the most heat and will give off scent longer.
  • In warmer weather, wear lighter scents. Heat intensifies fragrance, so stay away from heavy perfumes on hot, humid days.
  • For a quick pick-me-up, keep fragrances in the refrigerator. Perfumes should not be exposed to extreme cold or heat, though -- adverse temperatures may change how a scent smells.
  • And, finally: Don't overdo it. People should see you before they smell you.

Eventually, I bought Perfume + after shave + pouch for him at a price that I can't resist. Also, he bought for me 2 perfumes at a price that won't burn a hole in his pocket :)

Moral of the story: If you can't buy fragrances from France, Aussie, or Amsterdam then buy it locally during Xmas sale!