Monday, December 21, 2009

Things that I have to let go

#1 Seruan from Ratu Sehari Magazine for advertisement along with write up on my works for 4 editions.  Not to mention photoshoot for the cover magazine! Argghhhh!!!
#2 Urban Vibe Event for Pameran Pengantin.  A booth of my own.  To be held in March 2010 at PWTC along with MATTA Fair. Walawei..can't imagine the number of visitors! Giler tak rasa gelisah yang menebal dalam dada ni?

Confuse on how they got my contacts. Anyhow, had to refuse the offers. Why? Kerana saya terpaksa kahwin in June, and can't afford to pay or and handle them all.

Kenapa kamu semua tak datang bergolek camni in July???


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

lorr..... peluang tuh babe!! peluang nih tak datang banyak kali. think it twice yeah.. ;)

zLa said...

thought more than twice..give me a dice to roll...huhuhuhu..