Thursday, December 24, 2009

kesengalan yang jelas nyata

I purposely take full time coursework in pursuing my study with high much in hope that by having classes on weekdays I would still be able to continue my weekends activity. I purposely take coursework instead of research for I know I could never be able to discipline nor motivate myself.  Full stop.

So I registered successfully and paid the amount of fee that burnt a whole in my pocket deeply. Ok, tegarkan hati.  So as excited as I can be, I went to the 2nd floor to get the timetable. Oh sangatlah full of excitement when I saw the subjects to be taken. Weeeeee!!!!!  Can't wait to register those subjects.  As I looked at the timetable, said the person in charge with a smile on her face due to my excitement behavior, "classes are mostly on weekends ya dik".  WTF???? But I've checked and called up before. Classes for full time coursework should be on weekdays. Kan kak?? And she replied "Ye dik, tapi kat faculty ni ramai yang bekerja, so kita buat class on weekends".  Oh kak, dengan berlegar legar dalam kepala otak ku list of brides yang dah bayar deposit up till June dan dengan mengesat peluh di dahi, I pun cakap: saya kerja on weekends kak, camne ni? "Eh pelik pulak awak ni terbalik. Hmm..Awak kena bincang dengan P.A dulu camne. Akak memang tak boleh tolong apa apa".  Hmmppsss..Hmmppsss... "P.A awak pergi overseas la dik.  Tapi ada Dr. ni yang ganti. Skang ni dia tengah viva pulak". Errgghhhhhh!!! Suweh tul.

Jadi apakah solution nye?

After thinking a while and since my 1.2k had gone to the Bendahari UPM, I decided to register whatever subjects available on weekdays. I hate to force all the lecturers to change the classes from weekends to weekdays and furthermore, hate to force the whole students to go with the flow. Erk?? For what is best, I have to back myself off. Ok? Ok kot..

Right now, I have to finish the first semester and take at least 6 credits with total credit fee of RM 1.5k. Within my 10th week of study, I have to apply for a transfer from coursework without thesis to research with thesis. By that time, I should have a husband already and I need him to knock my head in order to build up the motivation and discipline in me.

Malaysia boleh!

Jika kau fikirkan kau boleh (kau boleh), kau hampir boleh melakukan.
Jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu, usahamu tidak menentu.....

Kau boleh...

Kau boleh!!


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

hahahaha... tergelak-gelak je baca entri ni. nasib lah ada subjek yg available on weekdays. if not, rasa nak hempuk2 je kan bangunan fakulti. :P

btw, best of lucks dear!! moga-moga kali nih betul-betul habis tau. by hook or by crook, kena abiskan.. ;)

zuhairbaik said...

yup.. coursework students do have classes mostly on weekends.. that's why very seldom for us, the research students to run into them. all the best for your study.. u should already knew all the tricks though, since you used to experienced its once.

zLa said...

thank you amy laling. Yaaaa...enchek tunang sudah stand by sama itu pembaris panjang punya..hukhukhuk..

dearest zuhair, my previous experience is not counted la as i myself also very seldom ran into you guys..ngeeee...thank you bai..we will surely run into each other more often. More than before. Insyaallah :)