Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sepatah, dua patah, beberapa patah..

Salam semua and Salam Ramadhan!

A lot of  things went on since my last post. Too many things to catch up which eventually ended up as no post at all..hehe. Banyak yang nak diblog about.  My little Zaraa pun dah besar. And Rizq dah macam-macam. He is currently switching tv channel from Baby Tv to Disney Junior, Ceria and TVIQ. My brother got married. Tambahan servis gubahan hantaran, pelamin, also wedding dress dalam service Zila Ziman Makeups & Weddings.  Oh did I mentioned that we bought a house? 

I miss blogging, truly :(

And lastly, here's a little bit of us:

Together, they created a whole me

Huh anak 2 tudung senget suda :|