Friday, January 29, 2010

The clock is ticking!

And so as my biological

It's only Jan and I thought "ala...baru Jan..."

So my progress pun bersawang simultaneously with this blog. One day I woke up and saw the ticker, 127 days to go with approximately 4 months to the big day! Aiyyo bai, tolak 1 month for dormant period prior to my exams and studies, also tolak hari makan, minum, dating, mekap dan bekerja (kalau ada hati nak kerja) tinggal berapa hari je bai?? Banyak benda tak settle lagi ni..and most huge thing yang belum settle, designers!

Inhale...exhale..inhale..exhale lagi...

Memang gua tipu giler beb kalau cakap satu apa un tak buat lagi. Hasil kecuakan yang jelas nyata, I gigih menggentel bunga pahar sebanyak 200 pcs and boleh pun siap 50 pcs per night.
Yaaa..sudah boleh seal itu kotak filled with bunga pahar/telor.

Ape lagi progress? Masa dah tade ni. Kerana cuak, I berjaya settle kan few things in a day. Antaranya, bunga manggar. Feels like dah takde masa nak DIY ni. So I just bought the common one siap dengan masuk lidi skali. Tau tak betapa takde masa nak DIY sampai nak masukkan dalam lidi pun dah malas. Erk..poyos!

Ok, reason takde masa for DIY anymore is because I need to DIY my 2,500 pcs wedding favour. See, nak gentel ribbon for 200 pcs pun terkial-kial. Ni pulak 2,500 pcs of ribbons to tie?? Oh berpinar-pinar. Since I had borong a lot of off-white ribbon for the bunga pahar, right now I am short of 5 rolls. Cawangan-cawangan syarikat bunga reben dah habis ribbon nye I borong. Went to Sin Yin pun tarak. Tulun..tulun!  The ribbons look as follows:
Desperately in need the off-white for 5 rolls!

Oh bukan itu saja yang berjaya settled in a day. I also managed to bought favours for Solemnization, booked makeup artist for majlis persalinan, also booked baju Melaka, Kimono, also satu lagi tak tahu nak pakai apa. Puteri Perak kah, Johor kah, atau Kelantan kah?

Ok, lagi progress. Berjaya settled booking payment for MPAJ hall yang usang tunggu masa bile-bile je nak roboh tue. Hmppssss..hmppss...Also P.A system, and videographer. Siapakah? be reveal later later sebab I dah lambat nak pegi class ni. Juga pasukan kompang. Kelepak kelepung..kompang dipalu..pengantin baru...oh dah terasa gatalszz!!

And last but not least, fabric for my nikah day :)

Till then, next update will be about the designers, insyaallah. I have two in my mind but yet to decide who is for which.

Oh btw, attires from Udaimatunnur di bawa ke Ganu kito..nananana :D

updated: lupa nak cakap, invitation card pun suda! right now sedang tunggu the final draft. Macam best je kawen ek..hmmm....berangans...

It's not over.....yet!

Well I guess it's not ....

Alhamdulillah, 2010 is my year! I like 2010 very very the very the much as I must say.

Managed to switch my area of study. Alhamdulillah dapat Prof. yang best! Hopefully people won't dare to stab me during viva nanti. Amiin...Also, I love my project to bits! Though I won't get enough of sleep for sure.

Received a job offer from my previous director of the previous company. This time, join the company's competitor. Man I love the pose! And the pay as well :D -have to let this go as I am now committed to my study. Assuming dugaan yang sama happens again. The exact dugaan okeyh back when I did my unfinished study when I was young, wild and materialistic.

Received another job offer at the same time from my previous company. Giler tak dugaan ni? Sile la memahami perasaan ni...Masih consider yang ni as they could compromise with my current situation and also have 2 working days exception. Hmmm...tamak sket sket.

Apapun, please pray for me. Please, please, please...
Don't want to make the same mistake again.
I take it as a chance to prove my level of maturity, self-esteem, and materialistic-no-more.

Alhamdulillah, sangat gumbira sampai boleh tukar header lagi (^^)v

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bunga Telur Guru

Found this and decided to share with you.

Must share! (Baca dengan nada sangat excited ala-ala dapat bonus gitu)

Selamat men-DIY!
Good Luck

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Royale Wedding

Location: Concorde Shah Alam
Wedding of my client,
daughter of Y.A.D Tengku Seri Wangsa Diraja Selangor

the entertainer..relaxing performance

siapa kenal dia angkat tangan!
Syahrir Nurdin..kami sedondon you..

Beautiful bride & groom in lavender..romantic mood..lalalala..

Meja santapan diraja..

Man, I tak tau pun the title when I main color color on her face...until during the reception me and Syahrir entered the hall together gether with the kerabats since both me and Syahrir turun lambat for we had to make the bride and groom up. Masa tu baru they ols announce title masing-masing..Ampunkan patik!

I wonder, the kerabats buat wedding simple je yet still beautiful..Yang bukan kerabat buat wedding mengalahkan kerabat pulak and turns out spent a lot but tak berapa beautiful..
Janganlah sampai kita berhutang untuk buat wedding of the year dik non..
Ni output from kursus kahwin ni..ngeh

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kursus Kahwin - Settled!

Finally, after canceled for so many many times due to my makeup jobs during weekends, today me and fiance had our kursus kahwin at Pusat Bandar Damansara. You can see it here. Best! Who says wedding course is unnecessary?? The course is more to refresh our knowledge in marriage, akhlak, aqidah, ibadah, and so on so forth.

I heard people gave bad reviews about other places but this one that I went was so cool! Tak boring, no lucah talks like I heard at other pusat kursus. Penceramah yang sangat knowledgeable and input nye semua berguna la untuk masa depan, insyaallah.

It's quite far from where I stay (Ampang), but I don't care much on travelling distance for the best quality :)

Sile lah ke sini. Highly recommended! Diorang ada macam-macam borang as well. Kebenaran bernikah la, akuan bujang la...

Kursus on Saturday 2 pm - 7 pm, and Sunday on 8.30 am to 4 pm.

See, saya berusaha dengan gigih bangun pagi on Sunday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Those were the sick one

Got this from my uncle in Aussie.

Sheep gives birth to human-faced lamb

I don't kow bout you guys, but jantan tu memang hina giler la..
Padan muka boleh tengok bapak dia sapa..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dulukala, when I was little I always admire my mom's weding album. For she had to wore various types of costumes during her malam berinai. 14 costumes, altogether. I admire her puteri johor, panji semerang, and macam macam lagi. Berangan nak jugak on my wedding day. Kecik lagi dah pandai berangan you...Masa tu they come in package with 9 costumes at RM ***

Today, I went to various of bridal boutiques throughout the whole Ampang area. Tapi none pun yang ada costumes like those old days. Wajib ada untuk setiap bridal boutique: kimono, jawa, melaka (seldom and rare), perak (seldoma nd rare), victorian, minang, siam (jarang jarang) cheongsam, korea. Tu pun, susah tul nak jumpa yang cantik. Nowadays, they don't offer persalinan daerah in package anymore. Sekarang ni standard sewa semua RM 100 - RM 150 per dress with accessories. Tak masuk makeup lagi tue..

I'm looking for traditional costumes masyarakat melayu kat Malaysia ni. Susah nye nak jumpa baju johor. Anybody knows any? Do let me know ya..Desperately in need..

Menora, baju cik siti wan kembang

Puteri perak yang cantek...I heart

Yang ni, overseas..baju arab. One unique thing that makes it different from other boutiques that I ever seen is the head accessory..

Saya tahu saya ni old classic what ;p

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seputeh Kapas Spa

This is my attempt to be as puteh as kapas a bride should be. Drove to Seputeh Kapas Spa at Bangi while spending some time before went to class. Caught my eyes on a banner because it's easily spotted along the roadside that stated this:
Can u see the purple banner?

30 minutes Basic facial for RM 15!

At first, I only intended for a basic facial, but then I thought eh why not survey sekali bridal spa kan? kan? kan? That was my initial intention. Eventually, I ter-undergo the bridal spa treatment sebab sangatlah murah.  Package for this, only RM 240!

Ok, so what's inside the pacakge?

#1 Herbal sauna for 20 minutes - oh I enjoy this so much! Totally relaxing, with 14 types of aromatic herbs and spices. This is for relaxing muscles, expand blood vessels, deep detoxification, and also cleaning the skin and sweating system. Said the beautiful beautician.  Normal price: RM 20

#2 An hour of traditional massage - another relaxing hour for me. oh yes, spa memanglah a place for relaxing. After massaging, my backpain is at relief. My knee yang dah longgar pun jadi ketat balik sekarang ni. Need to buat lagi when it's close to my wedding date because the massage reduce anxiety and depression.  Yupe. Absolutely.  Normal price: RM 60

#3 Body scrub & body mask - Normal price RM 45 each.  Types of scrub available: Lemon scrub & marine plant mask (for body whitening), milk scrub & protein mask (for body smoothening), green tea scrub & herbal mask (for detoxifying), and lavender scrub & relieving mask (for body calming).  They come in pair ya. Since my skin texture ni agak staggered (is it a correct word?) so I went for milk scrub & protein mask. Oh hilang kerak kerak I you..Lulur lagi..awww..

#4 Crystal peeling facial -  Normal price: RM 60. Yang ni best sangat sangat sampai tertido as I tak rasa sakit at all when my blackheads being took off. Pakai vacum lagi ko. Of course, ada scrub juga to exfoliate dead cells and masking juga before the vacum part. Muka I dah licin you. Onar-onar sudah tidak lagi kelihatan. Terima kasih

#5 Manicure & Pedicure - RM 35 for manicure, and RM 45 for pedicure. I should have done this for my engagement la. I dah basuh periuk belanga kuali pun still shiny shiny lagi kuku I you..

Total: RM 310. Packege price: RM 240 only.

See, detail I bagi uols siap pricing lagi tau..Nak pictures pulak? Layannn...
this is the waiting area yang sangat cozy, in purple and pink..favourite color..awwww...

haruslah packages available. Nak cari yang paling murah, but turns out semua pun

Products used. Diorang ada product sendiri ko..kerlasss! Called aisha by Seputeh Kapas Spa. Wow!!

Room for sauna and also body scrubbing and masking.  Boleh buat air sesuka hati :)

Room for massage. I mimpi yang indah disini..

Room for facial, manicure, and also padicure. Oh I betul betul rasa cam princess :D

Yaaa..inilah barisan beautician yang menjadikan saya perasan seperti princess. Owner in pink coat, very young dah ada spa sendiri..Cayalah! Same age with me..Oh kagum..kagum..

Finally, sile tahan muak uols ye..I terjadi cam whore pulak bila perasan dah cantik hasil facial kat sini.

Jadi, bolehlah ke Seputeh Kapas Spa di Sg. Merab Luar, Bandar Baru Bangi.
They ols bukak weekdays 10am - 7pm. Saturday pun tak half day 12pm - 7 pm. Sunday je kena buat appointment for bridal package.

Untuk lebih memudahkan uols, bolehla call for appointment dulu at 03-89221513, or call directly the owner, Miss Aishah at 017-2879023.

I know I went too early for the bridal spa, but alahai..boleh datang lagi nanti! Yayyy!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Days after new year

Started my new semester. Despite some confusions, all I can say is I am happy with it.
Current progress: masih merisik potential supervisor.

Brides are happy with my work, alhamdulillah. Hopefully during my time being a bride, I'll be happy with the vendor's work too.

My social network is expanding. Baru perasan ada juga orang mahu kawan sama saya. Pencapaian yang boleh dibanggakan: boleh trigger chemistry within seconds. Masa muda-muda dulu, usually would take few hours. Sudah tua sangat nampaknya.

Sudah kurus sikit walaupun belum eksersaiz. Amalan diet yang tak seimbang kisahnya.

Berazam untuk facial tahun ni. For the first time in life. Yaaaa...

Dan esok, menjadi 4 tahun saya bercinta sama dia. With 5 months till we tie the knot, doakan kami ya :)

Of Wedding Favour: Reception

It's already arrived from China. Piles of boxes take up the room space right now. Luckily it's not my room. Otherwise, bertambah tambah stress la kapla ku ini. Uishh..uishh...

Tu dia...2,500 pcs to be added ribbons or stickers for decoration purpose. Right now, have not yet finalized what to put on it for decor. Thinking of little pomander, perhaps. Tapi kang penyek pulak kena tindih.

Of Wedding Favour: Reception

It's already arrived from China. Piles of boxes take up the room space right now. Luckily it's not my room. Otherwise, bertambah tambah stress la kapla ku ini. Uishh..uishh...

Tu dia...2,500 pcs to be added ribbons or stickers for decoration purpose. Right now, have not yet finalized what to put on it for decor. Thinking of little pomander, perhaps. Tapi kang penyek pulak kena tindih.

Friday, January 1, 2010


In 2009, I....
#1   Officially unemployed.
#2   Started to blog. Blog tanpa hala tuju sebab tu takde orang nak baca.
#3   Struggled extremely hard to survive in LDR. Gile seksa dowh..
#4   Had mood swings oftenly. Mostly in depression.
#5   Menjeleskan diri bila fiance had trip to Amsterdam and France. Giler ah punye jales!
#6   Spent more time with friends, in a sense of hangover and girls days out.
#7   Attended more weddings :)
#8   Had most of my time with family. Good thing being unemployed. I value the quality of the precious moments more.
#9   Run over my dad's company. My signature dah laku tau.
#10 I finally found the strength in me. Build my self esteem within. I became better than yesterday for each day.
#11 Baby Yasmin was born.
#12 Menjebakkan diri in makeup business. I discovered the definition of satisfaction. Price started at RM 50 per event. Increased to minimum of RM 200 a month later.
#13 Failed my diet plan. Ntah pape tah. Semakin gemoks lagi. Need to carry forward this 2009 goal la.
#14 Refuse a great job offer because the scope didn't met my preference. Now, knowing that the project gempak la giler and suke hati je boleh berulang China-Japan, timbul rasa sesal yang boleh dimaafkan.
#15 Officially launched
#16 Had the greatest impact in my life that affected my personality as well. Boy I was so depressed. Pain yang sudah tidak tertanggung especially when it was never shared. 6 months later when it's close to 2010, I am 90% recovered from the pain. Alhamdulillah, God knows the best for all. Thank God I always believe that things happen for reason.
#17 I cooked!
#18 Ya..masih ada 6 cooking recipes to be learn. Carry forward to 2010 la.
#19 Ended LDR successfully :) And now rasa rindu pulak saat macam tu. Gatal tak?
#20 Went to Singapore more often than before. And there was one time, brought along fiance sekali.
#21 Hold a MAC Pro title
#22 Faced some conflicts which eventually made me a better person than I can be.
#23 Finally set my wedding date and venue. Started for counting days, and still counting :)
#24 Eventually I clarify my interest, appropriate path, and had the guts to go for it. Continue my study and went back to school. Quit my job for this reason and doing makeups to finance my Master.
#25 Welcome Hutch!
#26 Finally got a GPS.
#27 Had my last singlehood birthday. Left my teen ages and currently facing my saggy dilemma.
#28 Plan for my wedding and wish for the best.
#29 Love, love, love, and much more love.
#30 Pray, pray, and lots of pray.

Alhamdulillah for the wealth and good health in the year of 2009. Syukur for the love that I never valued before. And for this, I seek forgiveness from everyone for my wrong doings.  Thank you for the warmth of joy that we shared, and for the love that we had. May the good things will never end.

All the best for 2010!