Friday, January 1, 2010


In 2009, I....
#1   Officially unemployed.
#2   Started to blog. Blog tanpa hala tuju sebab tu takde orang nak baca.
#3   Struggled extremely hard to survive in LDR. Gile seksa dowh..
#4   Had mood swings oftenly. Mostly in depression.
#5   Menjeleskan diri bila fiance had trip to Amsterdam and France. Giler ah punye jales!
#6   Spent more time with friends, in a sense of hangover and girls days out.
#7   Attended more weddings :)
#8   Had most of my time with family. Good thing being unemployed. I value the quality of the precious moments more.
#9   Run over my dad's company. My signature dah laku tau.
#10 I finally found the strength in me. Build my self esteem within. I became better than yesterday for each day.
#11 Baby Yasmin was born.
#12 Menjebakkan diri in makeup business. I discovered the definition of satisfaction. Price started at RM 50 per event. Increased to minimum of RM 200 a month later.
#13 Failed my diet plan. Ntah pape tah. Semakin gemoks lagi. Need to carry forward this 2009 goal la.
#14 Refuse a great job offer because the scope didn't met my preference. Now, knowing that the project gempak la giler and suke hati je boleh berulang China-Japan, timbul rasa sesal yang boleh dimaafkan.
#15 Officially launched
#16 Had the greatest impact in my life that affected my personality as well. Boy I was so depressed. Pain yang sudah tidak tertanggung especially when it was never shared. 6 months later when it's close to 2010, I am 90% recovered from the pain. Alhamdulillah, God knows the best for all. Thank God I always believe that things happen for reason.
#17 I cooked!
#18 Ya..masih ada 6 cooking recipes to be learn. Carry forward to 2010 la.
#19 Ended LDR successfully :) And now rasa rindu pulak saat macam tu. Gatal tak?
#20 Went to Singapore more often than before. And there was one time, brought along fiance sekali.
#21 Hold a MAC Pro title
#22 Faced some conflicts which eventually made me a better person than I can be.
#23 Finally set my wedding date and venue. Started for counting days, and still counting :)
#24 Eventually I clarify my interest, appropriate path, and had the guts to go for it. Continue my study and went back to school. Quit my job for this reason and doing makeups to finance my Master.
#25 Welcome Hutch!
#26 Finally got a GPS.
#27 Had my last singlehood birthday. Left my teen ages and currently facing my saggy dilemma.
#28 Plan for my wedding and wish for the best.
#29 Love, love, love, and much more love.
#30 Pray, pray, and lots of pray.

Alhamdulillah for the wealth and good health in the year of 2009. Syukur for the love that I never valued before. And for this, I seek forgiveness from everyone for my wrong doings.  Thank you for the warmth of joy that we shared, and for the love that we had. May the good things will never end.

All the best for 2010!

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