Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fooling April


Muehehehe...I'm not gonna blog about being fooled in April here, in contrast of what was stated by the title. This morning (noon, actually) as I was in combat and wars (Special Forces, Pirates, Vampire Wars, and also Fashion Wars, thanks to FB!) I was surprised by my new business card. Ngehehehe..

I am not sure of my JD lah. So far I only attended seminars and took exams, licenses, tu je. What more should I do? I went to office once a month (hampeh je..) other than that? Adela sket talked about company profile, chemicals. Tu je kot. Even though I had my own personal room in the office, but I spent most of the time working from home. Sukati je. Kalah boss.

It's hard being a boss's daughter. It's really damn hard, believe me. Serba salah je hidup. The worste part is when I stayed late in the office and tak pegi lunch pun, staffs mula tak dok diam. I'm becoming the eyes and ears of the boss. No, I think it's not the worste, it's the best lah!

Hey, I think I'm jobless no more. Should I declare it officially? I mean working from home is still considered as work, right? Boleh ke? Boleh la....

Note 1: I'm saying NO to April Fool for this REASON. Click!


DalilaMian said...

wahhhh..jelesnye..nak jugakkkkkkkk

zLa said...

nak ke? ambikla..sile2..