Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too Good To Be True

I think I've made up my least for now la..
Theme: Heaven on Earth
Concept: Campo2 - Traditional + Contemporary
Color: Hmmm..still can't fix this part..Last 2 days was Cream+Gold, yesterday it was Lavender, today it's pure white, tomorrow???
Flowers: I'm a weirdo who don't really like flowers. But if i had to, lily will be my choice for the moment..

395 days to stick on this..Bole ke?
Gatal segala..
Sok tukar lagi..
Paling lama pun 1 week je tahan ni


aChOnG said...

paling lama pun 3 hari jer..tu kalau tak bukak tenet laa..kalau bukak jadi 2 hari jer..=p

zLa said...

ye sayang...dah confess pun...