Thursday, April 16, 2009


Eee..sedang membenci people who lurve to cucuk and dicucuk..

I still can't figure out how they live their lives mencucuk-ing. Enjoy sangat ke ek to see friends not talking to each other, can't even bare to look at each other? Syok sangat ke? If treat them with complete ignorance pun still kena cucuk. Perhaps this is one of the way to tambah pahala kot. If tak sabar pun bleh tambah dosa gak. Kesian dia kena fire lately. It's just cucuk-ing at the wrong place wrong time. Cucuk-ing in public plak tu. Enjoy la sume orang tau kamu mencuck? You're becoming your mom in every way, lady.

Do I look like so sedap to be cucuk-ed? I mean, I've been cucuk-ed in every phase of my life. During my schooldays, uni, work..matrik je safe zone. Tu pun probably because I chose to be invisible.

I'm simply hating it.

I'm fat. I really hate it when I'm fat. On the contrary, people said I need to gain more weight. When I can't fit into my working slack pants, that indicates that I am fat. When I'm wearing jeans and can see muffins, that indicates I gained extra fats. And when I look at my recent picture and see ada lebihan isi on my cheek that terkeluar from my tudung shape, that indicates that I have double chin. Triple, maybe.

I hate it when I'm already full, nevertheless can't resist to makan lagi whatever cooked by Mak. Lately, I'm eating 5 waktu sehari semalam.

I hate it the most when I can't wake up earlier, that I reached office later than my boss. Tunggu masa je boss cakap to me 'Good morning, boss'..

Lambatnya nak tunggu weekend, and beberapa weekend lagi, dan lagi, dan lagi..Weekend when you're back in town.

Note 1: Text translation is so not easy for me.
Note 2: I'm starting to feel bored with tudung Ekin ni, after spending a lot of cash on it. Sengal, I admit it..


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ bab2 cucuk mencucuk nih memang totally i tak suka la. dah menjauhkan diri dengan kawn2 yg camtuh.

bila masa u gemuknya? sentiasa maintain jer.

btw, i tak dek lagi tudung2 ekin nih. niat nak beli tuh ada cuma tak ter'rajin'kan diri lagi nak pergi mencari. hehehehe... ~

zLa said...

aissshh..u xtgk lagi i ni in reality..virtual mmgla nmpk mantain..ade hidden fats somewhere

Mr Aan said...

x baik benci membenci ni

zLa said...


zuhairbaik said...

zila gemuk.. wakaka.. welcome to the club.. wakaka.. (ketawa sambil guling2 masuk longkang..)

zLa said...

xpe2..aku sedar diri..masuk ke x longkang tu? mesti syok...