Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sissy Me

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I was watching the movie Bukit Kepong recently, and I dropped my tears AGAIN. It's not the first though. I remember watching the movie for the very first time when I was little, about 6-7 years old if not mistaken. Masa kecik tu pun dah bengkak2 mata nangis especially when the seargent (hensem woo mase tu) terkorban. Kecik2 pun dah tau nilai hensem. I watched the movie many times before. And everytime I watched it, my tears dropped lagi. I am absolutely bersemangat sket tang filem2 patriotik ni. Today, mata saye bengkak lagi. Astro tayang lagi citer ni..

It occurs to my mind, how fortunate today's Malaysian army. Tak perlu berperang pun, gaji besar. Duduk dalam office atas kerusi empuk and air cond yang nyaman, pencen masuk jugak. If the widows tend to remarried pun pencen tak kena cut off. If the husbands die, the wives will get his pention, along with insurance lagi. In comparison, army dulu2 yang gaji sikit, pencen apela sangat. The wives ramai pulak jadi widows at young age, anak kecik2 lagi. Tapi if remarried, then the late husband's pention kena slush. Insurance ade ke masa tu? Yet, derang fight berungguh2 for our country. Hutang mereka pada anak cucu terbayar.

Sekarang ni, hutang kita pada anak cucu kita boleh bayar ke?


The Tea Drinker said...

i have to disagree about being in the army nowadays is idup kacang. they are involved in wars under UN n whatnot.

of course, peaceful times does make their jobs nampak pointless since people just see their usefulness time perang. but saying their life is easy tu, cam tak betul jugak.

takde plak kita tengok prebet pencen dapat idup senang. life's hard for them too.

zLa said...

it's true, yet there are army yang white collar..just to make it clear, i am not contemplating neither saying their jobs are's just how fortunate they are if we compare to those days..yet they fought to its end regardless the fortunate to have them served for our country..