Friday, May 15, 2009

To be, or not to be?

Dia datang lagi. Si dilemma tu la. Always there when I don't bother to need any. Never been there when it's needed.

Dr. X called lagi. Everytime when he called up, tade lain but new potential project. And each time, I had to withdraw due to incorrect timing matter. Oftenly I was up to something, or in the middle of something. Today, he offered a job lagi. Very good, and high potential one.

The project seems in a very high potential. Role: as founder and developer of this new product. Stability wise, not bad since the chairman pun my former VC, Dr. Zohadie. Tapi on top of that, aku rase letih pulak la involve in a role as founder ni. Risky. Kalau jadi memang meletup giler2. Kalau tak?? It's not like doing project for Masters ke Degree ke. Kalau tak jadik, berbulan la ko menganggur. Plus, dah lama giler since I last practice my engineering. Nape plak Dr. X dengan confident nye mention nama aku? Adoii pakcik ni pun satu..

Meanwhile, currently I'm in a role as a good daughter. Being there when daddy needed. Though the pay taklah banyak mana, but I feel good dapat tolong mana yang perlu especially dalam sesak2 nafas ke kan. It's the least I could do. Iyeke?

Dilemma: To be or not to be? Should I or shouldn't I?

Knowing myself yang never consistent, though I remember in my few posts previously I did mentioned that I wouldn't go for other job. And knowing me as the one with full of 'what if...' quote, I would say what if this is one opportunity that wouldn't come every second?

Oh aChong dearie, I'm truly in your shoes...


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

erm... pilih lah mana yg sebaik mungkin. i pun tak leh nak tolong. ;) wish u all the best.

zuhairbaik said...

projek baeekkk ke? awat tak ajak aku skali.. hehehe

zLa said...

o yea? mana tau ko nk join :p