Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mari Merompak

May 21st, approximately 1239 hours
4 months from now, the PLAN will be executed
aChong, sile tag team with me
As for right now, tengah usha bank mana nak dirompak
Let's get the blueprints..
and run the simulation 30 days prior to the set date
Load the armor, I have napalm with me
Get the night vision ye partner
I won't rob with sleeveless for sure
nanti nak pakai tudung + long sleeve
All in black..sleek & smart jer
Ye..aku memang dah masuk air
Silela bagi pressure lagi..


aChong said...

Please, give me a "Scofield" like plan ok. 1st we need a distraction, blow up the klcc. Then all the arm forces will gather there. Next we need a get away car, fast and small for easy mobility-mini copper with superchager and NOS, custom suspension for extra weight(gold is heavy you know).Sleeping gas will be install in the AHU unit in bank negara with a timer to be execute at a presice time. I can get in install by pulling some strings. The power supply for the entire grid must be cut. We will burn the control unit in the power station using a home made bom. That will give us time around 1 minute before the back up generator kicks in. We must be inside before that.We will broke all the door using nitrous oxide and a hammer.The pronlem is the vault!.We need to kidnapped the Bank manager and brim him together with us. It can only be open by retina scan, finger print and password. Th mini copper is small enough to go inside untill the vault.This will same us time for loading the gold.We have 3 minutes for loading then get out! We'll drive along sungai klang, there's space wide enough for the car to go through. We will change car to a minivan in a old warehouse in shah alam. Then we headed straight to port klang and drive inside a container that I book earlier on.Th document for transportation can easily be duplicate. Next stop, Panama. How about opening a scuba shop my dear?..hehehe..=p

zLa said...

ternyata kamu lagi masuk air dengan banjirnye yang..perfect plan, except that i nk rompak Federal Reserve kat NYC, bukan Bank Negara..:)

Mr Aan said...

robbing is my job...