Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brain Damage


It was the day for me to crack my brain. After taking a 2-days course at PCAM, got the cert and now sit for exam pulak. Than baru qualify for the license.

Why am I taking the license? Entahla. I guess bila jobless ni segala macam kursus I'm eager to take into. Plus biarlah ada pewaris dalam family, just in case kan.

Question: Why am I tak keje2 lagi? It's been 3 months now...
Sebab compensation still ade lagi kot. That makes me too choosy and withdraw every interview calls. Yupe, memang mengada & action sungguh. Kekadang tu insaf, but kejap je. Then become choosy again. I am gatal. Itchy here and there.

Anyway, the point of me writing up this entry is that nak lepas geram je. I sat for the exam this morning. I never been well prepared like this upon sitting for any exams. Oftenly, ade je chapters yang tak sempat cover since I practice the concept of 'study last minute baru masuk'. Last night, after covering most of the chapters and only 2 chapters left, rase nak muntah darah dah and decided to tido kejap. After putting my mind to rest for 2 hours, I woke up and continue my struggle. Wa, seronok sekali bila dah cover sume ngan jayanye. So I decided to labuhkan tirai kamar & layarkan the bahtera la..Tapi taleh tido pulak..Tup tup dah 6.30 am and I had to get up and get my self prepare sebab nak kuar rumah at 7 am. Need to keluar that early for the exam was at Wisma Belia, kat Jalan Syed Putra sebelah MCOBA tu. Ala yang jam nak rak tu..

Altogether, I only slept for 2 hours..Kepalaku sakit sangat. The exam consists of 3 parts. The first 2 parts went well, alhamdulillah. Only the third part where my kepala bagai nak pecah nye sakit, and I was like nak muntah darah so I jawab asal boleh je. Bangga woo keluar dewan sikit punye awal (padahal bukan champion sangat pun). Afters while waiting for Abah to fetch me, baru tersedar that I left my claim receipt on the desk kat exam hall. Waaa..terasa sesia je keluar dewan awal. Hukhukhuk...then balik rumah terus mengadu domba ngan ahCong, qada tido then at 7.30 pm baru bangun. Ni baru champion..

Question lagi: Why on earth I couldn't sleep in the first place? I guess my mind was busy running on plans. Dah masuk active zone, that's why taleh rest kot. Kot la...

Since I woke up at late evening, plans to go to MidValley (looking for Abah's birthday present) and Nurul Shukor terpaksa postpone to tomorrow je.

Oh remember the post of Monday Blues where I mentioned that Mak won a RM 1k voucher from Jusco? Guess what did she spent it to? An induction cooker.
Nak buat ape ntah. Letak kat rooftop pulak tu. Mak said she's gonna cook at our rooftop once a week. The whole housing area can smell what my Mom is cooking then. Tetibe teringat tag The Rock pulak. It came into my thougts, when will I cook my own meal? Of all the courses taken during my jobless period ni, why can't cooking course with Mak fit into my schedule? I guess my tangan is so keras la. They said anak dara ni belajar tinggi2 pun in the end dok kat dapur jugak. Yo..lah...

I'm fat. I gained my weight and excessive fat as well. They came in package la, nak buat camne. Why I never work out? Well, even though gym dah siap, but it's on the 3rd floor. I semput la nak naik tangga..huhuhu..Nanti la when it's close to my wedding date kang I'll work out la.

I'm hating the new KP UMNO Malaysia...

Note 1: I'm liking the song of 'The man who can't be moved'.
Note 2: Lady bird tu memang slow...:(


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ exam? dah lama tak sibukkan diri dengan exam bagai. kalau tetiba ada interview melibatkan exam, harus menggelabah. ~

Emosi Itu Boleh Kerna Aku Manusia said... nyer dpur tu..lama dah mengidam nak masak kat dapur mcm tu