Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daddy's Girls


It was the last day for all 3 Abah's sweethearts to tag in team together for Thirah had to go back to her boarding school.

At first we thought of going for hot air baloon at Putrajaya, but then malas la pulak since the weather was so hot. Later we received a news that my preggy cousin admitted pulak due to chest infection. Kesian, 1st child lagi..But cantikla, cuzzie's gonna get a baby boy, whereas my besty's gonna get a baby girl. Match for a pair on my wedding nanti. Flower boy & girl.

Pendekkan cerita, cancel je our intention for the hot air baloon and melawat cuzzie at Gleneagles je. We stop by and bought a flower bouquet in a basket, and Thirah a.k.a Anje dah sibuk showing her potential as a talented bridesmaid. Yo..lah..Kecek la kakak mung ni, dapat je role as bridesmaid tu. Now ramai jugak yang tengah membodek for any role in my wedding. So far maid of honor (matron of honor sebenarnye) and best man dah occupied. Bridesmaid and groomsmen also no more vacant. Itupun ramai yang applied, still on selection. Who says wedding is easy?

My little sister is all grown up. Now dah pandai main my makeups. Even though ada perfume sendiri, always pau mine. And contacts too! But we never quarrel about it. See, saya kakak yang baik tau. Dahulu kala, when I was little I used to quarrel a lot with my brother (at that time my 2 youngest siblings ni belum wujud lagi). Masing-masing ada black belt, so bila quarrel tu memang berlaku keganasan rumah tangga la. Plus they say orang Arab ni selalu gaduh, so it's in our blood (salahkan genetic). But then Mak always says "Kakak kan sulung, kena mengalah" Yolah..

Lama-lama bila dh tua ni sejuk skit. We became inseparable. Kat mana-mana pun asyik berpeluk jer. Abah selalu cakap, your bestfriend is your sibblings. I guess it make sense jugak, since we came from the same womb kan. We should know each other very well. As for me, Mak always says that the eldest is the glue that sticks and bounds the family together.
Who has the most look of my Mom?

Note 1: Anje is now back to her school. Saya sedey :(

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~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ betul2... nak pilih bridesmaid pun menjadi satu isu.

btw, muka you all nak lebih kurang jer. tang mata nya especially lah. hehehe.. ~