Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food that Harm

I planned to write this long time ago. But then, there was always something else came up that I tend to write on other things.

Quite some time ago, I was requested by Mak to accompany her shopped for goods and food. I had no option to say no since Mak suffered injury in her elbow tissue. Threfore she could not lift any heavy things at all. And there was only me left to help her on the groceries. Despite filling my SPARE time due to retrenchment, I could contribute myself in a way for the waste that I had brought to the family ever since I were jobless.

The girls were planning for a picnic that weekend. So I planned to cook spaghetti since Sid will sponsor the drinks while Min and Ieda will bring sandwich and snacks. Thus, might as well I cook something for our tummy. Plus, Sid always said "Ko kan nak kawin, you should cook something for us to show that you're ready to commit..". And so, I looked around for the ingredients of the receipe. As I was looking for dried basil leaves, I saw something disgusting placed tightly together with other spices and dried herbs.

I saw no sign of non-Halal displayed, seriously. So I decided to report it to JAKIM since Dr. Maamor was looking for more votes for the pemilihan Bahagian at that time. Hopefully he did took some actions as he always fight for Halal and non-Halal products.

What had happened to our rights nowadays? This is an Islamic state and they people should have respect on this. To hell for them to call us extremist or whatsoever, but we are stepping our feet on our own motherland. Pardon my language..

Asal boleh jer derang ni...

Note 1: I managed to sleep early last night, as early as 4 am.
Note 2: Melatih diri untuk berwasatiah..

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