Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Final Cut

Ok, yang ni memang betul punya.

Yesterday, I.....
#1  Went to bed at 5 am, baked muffin.  Also, repaired the clogged sink.
#2  Met fiance, went to Pavi.
#3  Celebrate his belated birthday in my car, at Pavi's carpark. Sangatlah 'romantic' kan???
#4  Went to Low Yat, repaired his lappy.
#5  Went to Sg Wang, teman him for his treatment.
#6  Went to Pavi lagi, collect the ring yang dah siap Yippie!!!
#7  Went to his sis's house, met his parents and played with the kids.
#8  Aunty Jek lupa nak  bagi dut raya.  Takpe, they can claim from their Ayah Chik.
#9  Had the last bye-bye.  Ok, saya sedih.  2 kali gaji ye...
#10 Went to bed with the ring :D
So I didn't had a chance to send him to the airport.  So sad.  Takpe, sedang gigih untuk tabah!  I am now officially back in LDR :|

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