Friday, September 4, 2009

The Apartment, The Curve

Had a Ramadhan Buffet with fiance there. It costs RM 48++ per head for adults.  Let the pictures tell you the words la ek...
We had kurma for break fast, briyani with mutton, cuttle fish and some keropoks.  Also, we had sate (sila jangan compare dengan sate kajang mat salleh punya sate), clamps, roasted mutton, fish fillet, and also mashed potato.  As for dessert, we had bread pudding (I like!!!).

Overall, of course I can't compare the restaurant with Hilton or Concorde.  Tapi ok la. Just so-so ok je. I think KDE is more worthy for our desire and lust.  Tak banyak sangat choices pun...:(

All in conclusion: * * *

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