Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Makeup Rate

Dearest brides-to-be,

I know this is the mots crucial for us through out our preparations.  This is certainly include the most in our wedding budget.  And so, dengan sedaya upaya memory capacity inside my brain yang I ada, listed down are the makeup rates from well known makeup artists..

RM 1,200 (per session)
-credit to jacky hussein

tel: +6012-250 5660
RM 800 (solemnization/reception) + hairdo
-credit to jacky hussein

tel:+6012-286 2286
RM 1,000 - RM 1,500 (per makeup)
tel: +6019-2742947
RM 900 per session
tel: +6019-351 6344
RM 900 (solemnization/reception) 

tel: +6012 2763600
RM 800 (solemnization/reception)

tel: +6013- 628 4835
RM 950 (and below)

tel: +6012 221 7031
RM 450 (engagement); RM 750 (solemnization/reception)

tel: +6019-312 8246
RM 900 (per session) 

tel: +6012-692 8084
RM 850 (per session) 

tel: +6019-349 5383
RM 800 (per session) 

Eleena Lamat
tel: +6013-361 2635
RM 650 (per session)

Aim Azam
tel: +612-275 3114
RM 550 per session

tel: +6016-303 8391
RM 450-500 (reception)

tel: +6012-269 0828
RM 500 (reception)

tel: +6012-201  5881
RM 450 per session

Liza from Saidatulnisa
tel: +6019-209 4564
RM 550 (reception)

RM 600 (solemnization), RM 700 (reception)

tel: +6017-371 0572
RM 350 (solemnization) RM 400 (reception)

Alternatively, for more affordable choice boleh la get freelancer seperti: 
tel: +6019-645 6564
RM 350 (any occasion)

tel: +6013-385 6588
RM 300 (solemnization), RM 350 (reception)

tel: +6012-347 4745
RM 300 (engagement), RM 400 (solemnization), RM 500 (reception)

tel: +6012-277 7542
RM 350 (solemnization/reception)

tel: +6013-341 4775
RM 250 (engagement), RM 350 (solemnization/reception)

I'm sorry if any of the infos are incorrect.  Kindly let me know if there is any.  Hope this could help on your preparations.


.:Mrs. Engineer:. said...

good info... tq... :)

hidden.wing said...

vote sue cantik =)

sora-ao said...

hohoho..berasap telinga encik tunang :)

jacky hussein said...

Hey there,
wow, u must done a good homework then :)
there's still a few make-up artist than u miss out such as Chomel, Khir Khalid, Najib,Razlan Bahari.. n their prices quiet reasonable too ..:D

weDa said...

woahh rajinnye carik info :D thx for sharing. I ada info nak share sket bleh ke?

sue cantik RM900 for bride only. kalau nak suruh dia siapkan groom sekalik additional RM100 ke RM150 gitu.

any janz RM800 tu untuk pengantin 2009. next year RM850 hehe. tapi dia siapkan pengantin laki sekalik.

emma pesona charges rm450 for brides with tudung. kalau tak pakai tudung kena buat rambut kan. emma charge rm50 extra.

emma & nurin are really nice ladies :D

sora-ao said...

wah..thanks a whole bunch!
see, that's why i need more comments and thoughts from you girls..i ni dah tua and outdated sket :D

Cik Puan Fara said...

naseb i kt kltn, mase moi engagement ari tu rm150 je..
mau kopak i klo pkai rate2 ni..

Beauty Touch @ RAJA SUEFINA said...

beauty touch??
rm 300
kalu2 free singah la my blog

Anonymous said...

Would not recommend Khir Khalid. Yes he might have the skills but he lacks professionalism and courtesy. An arrogant prick.

Anonymous said...

gee cantik dh naik jd rm500..sj update info..=)

skit said...

one of my friend was with sue cantik for her wedding yesterday... yea~~ the makeup was very natural... like!!!