Thursday, October 29, 2009

Makeup Artist Pilihan

Ok, banyak pulak dilemma bila hari dah makin dekat ni. Takla dekat sangat pun...

I have 2 in my mind, Liza from Saidatulnissa, also Fiza Zainuddin.  Of course, Kak Liza's touch is similar suda sama Saidtulnissa, so I personally think it would be worth with her rate, kan?  On the other hand, I suka false eyelashes from kak Fiza's. Ok, tu bukan alasan yang kukuh.  I love her touch, her magic fingers during my engagement.  She did makeup for my cousin's wedding as well.  Tapi dia pakai foundation M.A.C yang tak macam Supra, Kryolan, or Dermacos. Nanti cair camne?

Few examples on Liza's makeup. Credit to owner
Yang selebihnya boleh tengok from Fiza Ishak's also Diah's

Few examples on Fiza's makeup.  Credit to cuzzie

So I need your opinion girls....Tolong2!!! Cam dah takde masa ni...

Who would you rate the best?
Thank you for your time!

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