Friday, October 9, 2009

DIY Fresh Flower Pomander

Here are the steps to create your own pomander:

  • 2 pieces of floral wire (approx. 12 in.)
  • Floral clippers / stem cutters
  • Scissors
  • 3" Oasis foam sphere (place in water, leave until it sinks)40 Carnations
  • or similar sized flower (stems cut to 1")
  • Crystal garland (optional)

If using crystals, tassels, or other embellishment, thread onto your wire.

Wrap the wire around the soaked foam.
(These now come with netting that makes this step unnecessary)

Twist the wire to form a loop.

Insert several flowers side-by-side to form a row.
Offset the next row to fill in the gap.
Floral glue may be added and is suggested if the ball will be carried.

Make a loop from coordinating ribbon.

Hang where desired!

I would personally opt for this rather than this


Mrs.aisheiteru said...

hi. u wat sendiri ke red pomander tu??? so nice. i plan to make it for my wedding. so...where can i get the red flowers??? i already the pomander polistrene.

sora-ao said...

hi dear..nope, i belum buat lagi..teruja je tengok orang buat. tu bunga carnation kan...i guess brides bloggers are talking about floristika skang ni..maybe you can check there

ciNDerella stRikEr said...

memang cantik la awak...
tp mcm x trmampu je saya nak buat sendiri. nanti u dh diy upload gamba ek. heheee....