Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tiffany Blue

Somehow, I felt a fresh and romantic mood brought up from this theme...

For many people, what usually comes into mind when they hear of Tiffany is elegant beauty. And if you want to have an elegantly beautiful wedding, then you might as well opt for a Tiffany wedding theme.

A Tiffany-inspired wedding gives you so many options worth trying. For one, send out invitations wrapped in Tiffany satin ribbon in blue, platinum or silver and tied with Swarovski crystals. But if you want to keep it casual yet special, you can attach a Shasta daisy to a blue ribbon or mix blue with a yellow ribbon. Also, if you want it elegant yet casual, you can send invitation in chocolate ink print and line them with dark brown satin liners.

When selecting a bridal gown for your Tiffany theme wedding, go for an elegantly embroidered gown in gold, platinum metal or silver threads or with crystal embellishments. Have your bridesmaids wear crystal-adorned barrettes or carry bouquets with crystal picks as well. Make your attendants look stunning in chocolate brown satin or a deep black tux with a Tiffany bow. Give each of them a votive candle in a crystal candle holder too.

If you want a less formal look on the other hand, you can wear a white wedding dress tied with a Tiffany sash, with your bridesmaids in short blue dresses tied with white sashes to compliment your look. Men can add a touch of blue into their accessories such as vests and ties with the tux or pocket squares, shirts and ties with a casual white suit.

The choices come aplenty when making floral arrangements Tiffany style. You may want to switch white flowers to Tiffany blue or an all-blue flower bouquet that can look great with your white wedding dress. If you opt for a bouquet statement that is not necessarily floral, consider tying a bouquet of Swarovski crystal stems with Tiffany blue satin.

A great thing about a Tiffany wedding theme is that you can hold it outdoors. If you opt for an evening Tiffany wedding, use plenty of glittering lights and have silver vases with white roses on your centerpieces. Surround these vases with crystal votive candle holders in Tiffany blue or bright white. To put more flair to your Tiffany wedding theme, scatter beads, crystals and pearls around the tables as well. Make use of things that sparkle – crystal chandeliers, crystal candelabras, crystal glassware, sterling silverware etc.

Give your guests something elegant to take home such as crystal picture frames, crystal votive candle holders, diamond ring paper weights or a Tiffany box with delicious roasted almonds or chocolate almonds.

With these Tiffany wedding theme ideas, your wedding can be a truly unforgettable event for you and your guests! http://www.weddingthemeideas.net/tiffany_wedding_theme.html

People say I am well suit with tiffany, also purple.  And I think they are absolutely true! Ok, I am definitely gonna go with this. At last....

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