Friday, October 2, 2009

Chocolate brown + Ivory + Fresh Green

Chocolate brown is rich and rustic. The perfect alternative to black when it comes to rustic settings like farm weddings, or vineyard weddings. Brown paired with burnt orange, copper or even colors like pink or red really do create unique and beautiful palettes.

 Ivory is elegant, old-world and soft-spoken. Ivory speaks of hand-polished silver and ironed linen. There is something very charming & calming about Ivory. It's less harsh than white and can really evoke a certain old timey feel. A great alternative to white, ivory can work with almost any color.

In weddings, green is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks to the increasing volume of eco-talk, green's also a prominent hue at environmentally-conscious weddings. Green means growth, new life, and positive energy. There are so many ways to use green in your wedding. When paired with a bright color like pink - it can be the perfect palette for Summer or Spring. Or pair it with a more subdued/rustic hue to create a look perfect for Fall or Winter.  Source

Terfikir untuk reception pula. Hmmm...Previous post in Lilac for Nikah, perhaps? OK, memang gatal tangan asyik tukar tukar je...Haissshhhh!

Encik fiance, guna la ini untuk reception kamu. Nampak cam gagah perkasa je chocolate brown ni for groom's side...wink~*


weDa said...

ye betul encik fiance. kombinasi kaler yang sangat menarik :D

sora-ao said...

kan...encik fiance telah bersetuju! dah sign mou untuk 2 tahun (^^,)v