Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the day I decided to write..

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

I suffered from retrenchment due to Global Economic Crisis on 2008 up till now. I absolutely in love with my previous job, despite from the harm of probability to encounter with crocs, snakes, and road accidents due to off-road meant tyres...Nevertheless, the job was fun as I got the chance to encounter with various type of people, from classy to primitive (how cruel the word is)..and I learn the word politics!

Specifically, my job requires me to collect samples of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and also, requires me to walk around the ponds in order to mark its GPS coordinates..Not to mention interview will millers...Howewever my job had caused me to inhale lots of CO and H2S though in open space; which turns out could decrease the production of reproductory cell, and turns out could cause cancer..I fell so many times in the smelly trench..in other words, I am glad to have had left the fun yet turns out could be disasterable job in long term manner!

And there was the story which leads me to be categorized in 'desperate people in needs'...yess, I am desperate..I am in need of money, and I am talking about lots of money..I just got engaged and by which means I am getting married..and now, with no money in hand (since I burst pretty much during my engagement) I am desperately in need of job..aaaaahh...this is where the title goes..

I applied for this particular job which brought me to this particular test which I had to sit from 9.00 am till 4.15 pm...The test comprises of 5 parts, by which means 5 papers...As I came to the second paper which involves essay writing up to 500 words, I was panick and got cold feeted..the last time I wrote (this does not include typing yaaa...) was when I sat for SPM! It was like 9 years ago..geee..never thought could be that long (as I just figured out when blogging this chapter) My brain got blank for the first 20 minutes..However, as I started to write my first paragraph it turns out I wrote for about 600 words and I still can't end my essay..geee..why can't people ever think of 'essay typing' instead of 'essay writing'??? that's when I thought of creating a blog..ever since I was in primary school (since I got B for penulisan in UPSR, to be precise) I just can't start writing as it will never stop..I blame the B in penulisan incident which turns out it became a motivation for me to write more and become optimist..

So here I am, writing my first blog..a blog which tells the story of me walking (and sometimes could be running) on the road in search of eternity..


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ u dah benti kerja ker? tak per, ada la tuh rezeki kat tempat lain.

owhh btw, welcome abroad!! ~

Anonymous said...

hehehe..blame the tyre to that sandakan guy...i x bersalah..i hanya nak mengelak lubang..i can see my back in that pictures..oooo..how i missed our assessment day..james..yong..iqbal..hmm those were the days..
from wahed