Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dearest You

It's been long. I guess it's so long. All of sudden, the memory appears.
Saya tak suka rasa ini.
Rasa yang sangat tak best bila marah orang and the same applies when orang marah saya.

Jadi tahun ni I come with a new resolution.
Saya sebolehnya mahu rendahkan tahap egoistic saya, rendah serendah rendah nya.
Jadi untuk kamu, dan juga BFF kamu. I know kamu berdua sangat memebenci saya, cuma saya tak tahu kenapa. And after I responded to your anger, I know that both of you hate me more than ever.
I am foolish and definitely clueless that leads to a defensive respond.
Above all, dengan penuh rasa rendah diri and putting myself to the very ground level, I am sorry.
Seikhlas hati.
To you, and your bff.
You know who you are, you always said that so I quote it from you.
Wish you a good life ahead.

I think I can now die in peace :)

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