Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Estee Lauder Blockbuster Collection 2011-Restock!

Salam lovelies!  Alhamdulillah, Estee Lauder BB set 2011 semua sold out like pisang panas in last sale.  Tahniah pada yang berjaya grab :)  To those yang tak sempat, now dah sampai restock but in very limited amount, 10 sets only.  Sesuai sangatlah untuk dibuat hantaran, and sangatlah complete dengan mascara, lipstick, blushers, eyeshadow, siap makeup remover pun ada ko! What more can you ask for kan?

This collection contains:
3 lipsticks
Eye shadow palette with 18 colors
Blusher palette with 4 colors
2 lip gloss
2 pencil eyeliner (black & brown)
Lip pencil
Makeup remover
1 large makeup bag
1 makeup pouch

Its your complete companion to help you create the look of your choice - for the bright of day or that exotic night out.

If you purchase at any EL outlets, you need to purchase any Estee Lauder puroducts of RM250 then can only get it for RM240 (worth RM1,920).

I got at a cheaper price of only RM350.   Interested, kindly sms or call me at 012-3474745 the soonest.

Very, very limited stock. Only 10 sets available.

Those who interested, hurry and grab it sebab sale hanya dibuka  sehingga 
28 October 2011 jam 12am 
Non-refundable deposit of RM 100 is needed for bookings. 

All sold out. Tq!


pelangi said...

Cantiknya bag dia kali ni...nak tp yg dulu xabis lg...huhu...

iedchan said...

Wah hehe tp i tak pki estee lauder heheh

Anonymous said...

ada lagi x?