Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Estee Lauder Block Buster Collection 2010

 Comel nye kalau buat hantaran..

The Blockbuster Set contains of :
- 18 colors eyeshadow palette
- 4 different color lipsticks 
- dual color lipgloss
- 4 color blusher palette
- 3 different color eyeliners
- Gentle eye makeup remover
- 2 makeup pouches
- 4 pcs brushes

If you purchase at any EL outlets, the terms and conditions are as follow:

You have to purchase any Estee Lauder products at least RM230 , then only you can purchase this Blockbuster Collection at the hyper value price of RM220. Which the BB set contain products worth more than RM1000 !!!

I got at a cheaper price of only RM350.   Interested, kindly sms or call me at 012-3474745 the soonest. Very, very limited stock.

Current status: All sold


cik orenlili said...

kak zila, ade lg x block buster EL ni?

zLa said...

ala yang..sume dah habis la :|

Aliah said...

Hi Zla,
Takde restock ke for this item?