Monday, June 21, 2010


05.06.2010 -> 06.06.2010 -> 13.06.2010 
Alhamdulillah, everything went well as planned. 
Though there were few that slipped off the track, but nevertheless all fell into places accordingly. Alhamdulillah.
Thank you to cousins, relatives, family and friends for extended their hands when in need.

Fellow bloggers and dearest readers,
I decided to make a full coverage of updates once I received pics from my OP :D
Till then, happy wedding preps gorgeous!

My apology for long silence (and a lot longer till the pics received).


Mrs.aisheiteru said...

ZLA...congrates! sgt cantek! sgt bersalah sbb tak dpt attend ur majlis aritu. ade perkara xdpt dielakkan. huhu! maafkan sy yer! sy bersalah. tp...i doakan u & hsband bahagia & bercinta sampai syurga...ameen

dh cuci mata gambar ur wedding kat FB. sgt gorgeous!

zLa said...

thank u sayangs..ala smal the matter worries, yg penting doakan kami ye :D

ala dh usha FB ke..tak serperaisss la..heheeeee..tapi pics tu bukan from OP ;p

Anonymous said...

alah..nak tgk jugak...aper FB awk? sy add boleh
~silent reader~ hahaa