Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sit Down Meal vs Buffet Meal for Reception

Advantages of the sit down meal:
  • If you want your reception to be formal and elegant, the sit down meal may be the better bet. Picky guests are more likely to be impressed.
  • Your guests don't have to work for their food! This is especially helpful to elderly guests and guests with small children.
  • You don't have to worry about running out of food.
  • Guests don't have to worry as much about making a mess on their nice clothing.

Advantages of the buffet meal:
  • If you want your reception to be more casual and laid back, a buffet might be the better bet. Guests are more likely to feel comfortable.
  • Buffets are usually less expensive than sit down dinners. There's no wait staff to pay, and the food is often cheaper.
  • You can offer your guests a variety of food options. People enjoy having a bounty of food to choose from.
  • Buffets encourage mingling. They force people to get up from their table, at least once!  

I want all my guess to be perfectly comfortable in my humble wedding reception so I pick buffet instead of sit down. By then my guests would have opportunity to get know each other, share thoughts, gossips, and free to mingle around mana tau terjumpa jodoh kat sana ke kan ;p  Plus, some of my schoolmates are also uni-mates with my officemates. Get what I mean? By buffet then they can walk across table to table, and chat, chat, and chat.  I want my wedding to be filled with lots of  fun, joy, and laughters.

I want a simple and least formal so that everyone can do whatever they like and not feeling awkward about it. I want relatives and friends from every level to come and feel comfortable and awkward-less.  I want a fun, fun, and fun reception that filled with joy and laughters. There, I said it again. I want.....


elle V said...

i have the same vision as your. i wanted my guest to be comfortable and not tide to a formal reception, hence i opt for buffet dinner. i want them to mingle around and enjoy the party..
but tho, its gonna be a buffet dinner, i will assign seats for my guest so the guest will be grouped appropriately and its up to them to mingle and be comfortable later.
very laid back dinner. thats where im heading to :)
all the best to yours :)

cikyuSnida said...

yeah, i had a buffet reception. sbb tema nye mmg utk bagi semua orang bergembira dan bersosial. buffet style diorang boleh tarik kerusi kat meja sebelah duk kat meja lain. (bigger crowd at a table, hence the merrier)


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

i mmg dari mula mmg akan buffet.. cos family ramai sangat, friends, couldnt afford to miss anyone :)

zla, ape email u ek? nak tanya pasal bekas telur, i guess sama kan? haha.. :)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Ouch. Sangat kasar kata² itu. Sebenarnya, orang Melayu kita ni sebenarnya susah nak buat sit-down dinner. Reason being because semua TAK RETI nak RSVP. Kang makanan tak cukup camne? Kita juga yang kena padahal diorg yang tak RSVP. Hais.. Besides, ramai yang suka buffet. Cos yang nak makan sikit bleh amik sikit and yang nak makan banyak boleh melantak.. Hehe..

ps. I also had a buffet spread.

zLa said...

elle, i thought of doing so, but space constraint. My hall tu kecik je yang, my wedding simple sesangat je..tak macam umie aida pun :D

ida, uols really can read my mind :)

betul sarah. i nk buat wedding yang my guests at semua level pun tak rasa awkward. that is why i buat kat hall je instead of hotel ballroom sebab guests from kampung mesti rasa uncomfortable nanti. my hall pun bukan cantik sangat, sangat2 humble je. that is my point so that semua orang boleh attend. but this somebody sangatlah..haisssshhh..

huda, i pun rasa sama..hehehehee...
u can email to

sarah said...

ouchh terasanye! pandai2la dia bwk diri kan?
i plg suka style dulu2, yg duduk je pastu ada penanggar hidangkan. now nk buat mcm tu?huh, mesti mhl..nk tmbah pelayan, buffet je la.

zLa said...

a'ah..silap2 buat camtu lagi mahal than buat kat ballroom..tapi i pun sangat2 adore style camtu. dulu2 style tu cost saving sebab penanggar tu family sendiri. org johor panggil kendarat. best kan...sangat 1Malaysia..meriah je

.:Cik Puan Ann:. said...

zla, i agreed wif u! 150% i pon rasa camtu. thats y i tak nak kat hotel, i just pilih dewan. kalo depan umah space besar, dah lama ann plan buat kat umah je. konsepnya i fikir, i nak orang ramai dtg,tak kira siapa, can meriahkan majlis kita,sama2 happy..tak terikat ngan protokol2..ada VVIPs etc..coz i rasa, if ada protokol sume,it's not my majlis anymore. sape yg kawen sebenarnya? huhu

yeah. vote for buffet!:)

Moose said...

i like laid back kenduri. where the guest can talk and mingle among themselves. my kenduri will be held at home, insya Allah.
formal2 ni sangatlah tak selesa.