Monday, November 9, 2009

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wedding colors 2010

Coral and Gray
Perfect for beach + destination weddings by the sea
Turquoise paired with White or Gray

Yellow inspires happiness. Bright fun on the green side of the
yellow spectrum. When you look at yellow you feel happy!
Yellow and Gray rock!

Red paired with Black

Modern Classic
Red paired with Warm Beige or Gray

Classic + Military Colors
Navy is always a classic color for brides.
Navy and Light Violet
Navy and Raspberry Pink
I see many military weddings utilizing Navy, Red,
Beige and White.

Yellow and Golden Orange or Coral

Turquoise paired with Red

Dusty Olive with Pink Champagne
Light Violet and Beige
Light Violet and Dusty Olive

Combos for 2010 Wedding Color Trends:
Teal and Coral
Vintage Purple and Sky Blue
Emerald and Cream
Mauve and Wine
Lilac and Sky Blue
Wine and Blush Pink
Sky Blue and Light Yellow
Mocha and Blush Pink
Warm Gray and any Pink or Coral or Blue or Purple
Olive and Mauve
Mint and Vintage Purple

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jarjar said...

i am soo going for Mocha and Blush Pink :)

zLa said...

perfect choice! i pun soo into that. cuma my engagement dah pakai pink, then ingat taknak pakai pink lagi. if not, i'll definitely pick that!