Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wish this time it's for real ;)

Few adjustments need to be made:
#1 To complete all the preps and the thingy before Dec 28th.
#2 Need to attend the kursus and settle down all the kebenaran(s) asap.
#3 To get a new handphone..gagagaga
#4 Need new beg sekolah..ada sesape nak bagi beday present awal?
#5 Need to ask fiance to belajar masak sendiri, for I don't see any possibilities for us living together under one roof for 3 years the most.
#6 Need to shuffle my new resolutions.
#7 Need to tender my resignation letter. Ok, not sure about this yet for who's gonna run the company??
#8 Work extra harder for the fees :|

All in all, I am truly glad that the academic calender comply with my plans accordingly.  Just hope that there will be no changes like the school academic calender. Masak lomak mak dibuatnye..

Oh fiance, we need the return tix by 4th July tau..

Selamat hari raya people!


nik said...

owh..dpt further studi ye? congrates! studi elok2 ye..good luck =)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

ohh dear, i tak paham... apakah yang dah berlaku? nak cepatkan tarikh ke apa? nak further study ke mana pulak ni?? story me.... please...

zLa said...

thank you kak nik...wish this time will be consistent for once!

MA, tarikh sama je..untuk org yg dah gatal cam i ni rasa cam lambat giler masa berlalu..hukhukhuk..i'm going back to school on 28th dec '09. wish me luck!

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

salam aidiladha, dear!

blur sikit...tgh tunggu nak pahamkan apa yang tengah berlaku.

kawen while studying ke?

zLa said...

salam aidiladha sis!

okay, press conference akan menyusul kemudian..double promises :)