Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Chronicles

The pop-up question
I remember I always told my fiance (bf at that time) before he departed to Riyadh, "when you come back, bring me my wedding ring" as sung by the song Leaving on the Jetplane. It's not that nak sembelih dia, but he always use the reason "I pergi ni sebab nak cari duit nak kawen ngan U" for leaving me here all alone.

And so when he came back for the very first time, tup tup he pop up the question right after I fetch him at KLIA. Can't hardly remember the date...5th July 2008, I guess..

Akibat kegatalan kepala otak ku, bukannya nak accept on the dot. Nak fikir dulula konon. The following week later, I decided to accept the proposal. It was 12th July 2008. I still remember the happy look on his face..:)

Risik Entourage
And so, tanpa melengahkan masa since he had to depart to Riyadh again, on 13th July the entourage came for Merisik. Orang kata bawak cincin je, tapi pakcik nk bawak berdulang2 jugak. And so berteraburla I went to find whatever I can to balas the dulang. Coincidently theme both pihak masa tu tercolor purple plak...I remember at that time I was wearing T-shirt and jeans only. Selamber badak jer..

Later followed by engagement la pulak on 11th October 2008. Insyaallah wedding tu 2010 if tade halangan, ada rezeki, panjang umur, ada jodoh. Amiiin banyak punye panjang...

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Ole-Ole Manis said...

Melawat ler selalu.. for sure byk lagi update bile sampai ur wedding nanti. :)

Neway, thanks for visit.